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  • John John Apr 18, 2012 18:53 Flag

    Should we drop the points we do?

    Some will try to blame the fact that we have Wilshere out, or Mertesacker injured.

    The truth is, our squad does not have sufficient depth to cope when a few players are out.

    The fault lies with Wenger and the board.

    Both Wigan and QPR played a fair footballing game, so they can't blame physicality either. Even if they did, we've known our squad wasn't built to cope with physical teams a couple of years ago, when Stoke were beating us. If that hasn't been addressed as a problem, then who's to blame for that?

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    • The fact Koscielny and Gibbs were out injured for the Wigan game is more to the point. Arsenal had to field a defensive unit unused to each other. Naturally some will say they should gel instantly and play as though they had grown up together, and their parents were Tony Adams and Steve Bould.

      Some are rather f*cking DUMB after all.

      That said. Wigan are playing some wonderful stuff and fighting for their lives and have beaten both Lpool and United before taking Arsenals scalp.

      The Arsenal lads seem to think the 5 point cushion means their season is over. They have achieved all they can this season. Unfortunately there are still enough games left for that to change.

      It is a dangerous line they tread. It's more down to the mindset of those on the pitch than their ability or anything to do with Wenger. As much as some may like to wag their ill informed and ill judged pinkies.

      I'm f*cked if i would want the 'support' shown by some of these Arsenal fans if i were a player i tell thee.

      F*ck off and watch cricket again.