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    Should we drop the points we do?

    Should we be dropping the points we do, against these types of clubs if we really believe we can challege for the title.

    Yes you expect to drop points throughout the season and if you do, you expect it to be against the bigger clubs who have large squads and lots of resources but if you look at some of the clubs we have dropped points against it makes you worry.

    10 losses and 4 draws does not make good reading.

    I'm a gooner til I die but if they carry on the way they are they will probably put me in an early grave.

    At this moment in time the squad is just not good enough and the points thrown away shows that clearly.

    More investment please Mr Wenger!

    Newcastle 0-0 2pts
    Liverpool 0-2 3pts
    Man Utd 8-2 3pts
    Blackburn 4-3 3pts
    Spuds 2-1 3pts
    Fulham 1-1 2pts
    Man Cit 1-0 3pts
    Wolves 1-1 2pts
    Fulham 2-1 3pts
    Swansea 3-2 3pts
    Man Utd 1-2 3pts
    Bolton 0-0 2pts
    QPR 2-1 3pts
    Wigan 1-2 3pts

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    • All these losses/draws against relegation fodder do not look good at all. When we look at Manure, they win most of the games they are expected to win. This is why the always have the edge. In our case what was the point of beating City when we lose to QPR, Balckburn and Wigan? We are simply not good enough. I would not be surprised at all if we managed to screw our ECL chances before the end of the season. We talk about major overhaul, but we have some dross making so much money that they would be nearly impossible to move. So much for Wenger's financial prudence!

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      • I look at the games we drop points in and its the same every season with the lesser clubs, the fact is we just aint as good as we used to be and the other clubs have got better and smarter against our type of play.

        Unless we bring in some real quality and get rid of the deadwood it will probably be the same again next season.

        We have just forgotten how to win when it really matters and the points we have dropped in the last few weeks might come back to bite us on the backside.

        Chelsea is a masive game and thankfully they have Barca next week so they will probably rest players, but we shouldn't rely on good fortunes to see us through to 3rd.

        I just hope it doesn't go t.i.t.s up this transfer window and we end up with no one of note.
        We could do with Frimpong back playing or someone like him who puts their foot in, and hard.

        We are still missing that bit of steel thats needed.

    • Clearly the recent points dropped against QPR and Wigan could proof to be expensive and it seems we have no reason for excuses given that we don't compete for trophies any longer and don't have a fixture back-log and have a relatively healthy squad.
      Finishing 3rd is of paramount importance since we will possibly use the excuse of not knowing whether we will qualify for CL football if we finish 4th to not do anything in the transfer market until it is too late.

      This makes the loss to Wigan even more disappointing and we had been warned by their result against Man U. It seems to some extend we still miss the killer instinct of being up for playing the smaller teams when it matters most.

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      • Some will try to blame the fact that we have Wilshere out, or Mertesacker injured.

        The truth is, our squad does not have sufficient depth to cope when a few players are out.

        The fault lies with Wenger and the board.

        Both Wigan and QPR played a fair footballing game, so they can't blame physicality either. Even if they did, we've known our squad wasn't built to cope with physical teams a couple of years ago, when Stoke were beating us. If that hasn't been addressed as a problem, then who's to blame for that?