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  • Benni Benni May 7, 2012 14:14 Flag

    if AFC win @ West Brom, will you F-off?

    hahaha come off it, only winning the CL would make the season a success as far as the Russian owner will see it... why do you think he keeps sacking managers within 18 months if they dont win the League??? Ending up 5th or 6th means no CL football & it's associated revenues at CFC leading to a sacking within a season!!! Only the CL will "save" their season by the standards set there & enforced by the Russian.

    Anyone is entitled to question, shout & complain but when you hate the way things are going & question the ethos then you should simply F off & go support like minded supporters at Spurs (resentful, deleded!!!) or at Citeh/Cheatski (glory money grabbers) at least Man Utd have real world wide support & generated some funds before the American put them in debt... and CFC are into the Russian for 750 million now??? That bubble is gonna burst soon.