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  • The Londoners The Londoners May 6, 2012 17:55 Flag

    Another nail biting Sunday...

    ...coming up. We go along with it all season, paying throught the nose to support our team. When all we had to do was wait for the last game of the season for tickets into WBA. What better place to finish the season off, wanting a win to stay in the CL. We must be crazy not to be happy. If we had been offered this position, at the start the season, given our position then, I think most Arsenal fans would have taken it. But WBA with nothing more to play for but pride, surely it must be a certainty! Mustn't it???

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    • Nothing is a given, but if we don't beat a side who has already packed their bags for Dubai or some other glamourous destination and have one foot on the plane then we don't deserve to be in the CL.

      We have a team who's manager is off so they have nothing or no one to play for and impress and I am sure they dont want to spend there holidays in rehab because of a silly tackle.

      With all this in mind you would say that WBA are there for the taking but history tells me that it never goes as you think it will so Arsenal will have to play like their lives depend on it and bury them in the first half, attack, attack, attack and go bloody crazy because there is just to much at stake.

      Most of us would like to see a premiership team win the CL but not if it means missing out on a place in the comp next season so third is a must!

    • Away & at West Brom is a banana skin but i say RVP hatrick... that means it could be 3-3! A draw could see CL football next year