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  • Raider Raider May 14, 2012 11:27 Flag

    Time to buy or its bye, bye

    Well done Arsenal on a difficult season and despite not being brilliant still held on to 3rd.

    The issue now is how will we strengthen next season to put a proper challenge in.

    Wilshere coming back won't resolve our defending issues and the thing that worries me is the comments made by Arsen about a quite transfer window, I believe this is him playing it down like he always does, he's a great poker player when it comes to transfers so lets hope he's being clever.

    City will buy, Utd have to buy, and so do Chelsea, Spuds will bring in another three players and no doubt Newcastle will raid the African coast looking on the cheap.

    King Kenny will have to watch the money so Barton may get a shout...lol which leaves Arsenal.

    We have got the ball rolling with Podolski but a holding midfielder and two defenders must be a priority, perhaps he feels Frimpong might be ready to step up on a regular basis but for the last 7 years the young talent hasn't done as well as the club has needed and I think this time he needs to think about buying in the finished article.

    One thing I do know is the defence has been our achillies heel and that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

    It's OK looking at Gibbs, Santos, Sanga and Jenk's but how often are they on the recovery table!

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    • Dear Raider,

      What scared me most yesterday was the sight of Clichy & Nasri running around the pitch clenching the Premier League trophy. If I was RVP I would have been watching.

      The reality is that gone are the days that the players we let go are the ones that Arsene wants to leave.

      If we are to keep RVP we have to spend and spend big. Make a statement of intent.Since 2006/2007 we've made £48.9mm on transfer dealings. Put another way we've failed to invest in the team.

      At operating level we continue to make profits.

      There should be no excuse for not investing; if we're worried about the wage bill get rid of Squillacci and his mercenary pals on £60K a week then we might have room to bring in some talent.

      A well managed pruning of the squad should give close on £100mm net to spend (£50mm in the coffers already + a further £50mm from sales of the likes of Bedtner, Arshavin, Vela, Denilson, Chamakh, Park etc).

      If we loose RVP as a result of a refusal to invest it's as close to neglicence as you can get!

      But as you say and we've already heard from Arsene Wilshere and Diaby will be like new signings if we get them fit!

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      • Fact the only reason we'll lose RVP is wages, that was the only reason Nasri and Clichy went - not to win things... I think we will probably need to pay him £200k per week to stay as that is clearly what he could get elsewhere. My opinion pay him it - break the wage structure it's been holding us back for years now. It will send a statement to other top players to come. And guess what, I don't really care that we won't make a profit. It's not us fans who own the club it's Stan Kroenke's club. Never forget that....

    • Totally agree with your sentiments. I personally think Stan Kroenke has got off really lightly with the fans. One advantage of staying in the states!! Same at Aston Villa Randy Lerner sells all his best players then sacks McLeish for underachieving. What is about these American owners?? In my opinion if Kroenke doesn't want to invest in the team he should sell - Usmanov is richer than Abronovich so i'm sure he would do what's necessary....

    • The FFPR will stop anyone in future just spaffing a load of money on players and wages, without the clubs income justifying it.

      City have got around the rule by getting a company owned by it's own 'owners' to sponsor the stadium for £400m.

      As Wenger pointed out, this was ridiculous as at that time City had not won anything so it was just a clear circumnavigation of the rules.

      If Usmanov wants to invest heavily in players, he will have to wait for a few years to put up a big sponsorship for the stadium. Emirates Airlines have it for another few years yet.

    • If we got rid of 'Silent Stan' Usmanov could always sponsor the reserves training kit for £100mm or so! Or CAPEX it by giving the Club £100mm to spend on refurbishing his box.

      Silent Stan can't do that as he hasn't got a box!

    • It seems like we've been worrying about FFPR for the past 5 years or do you think maybe it's just an excuse not to spend some dosh?? In any case I personally don't think it will happen. The "darlings" of UEFA Real Madrid and Barcelona will make a fuss and it will go away... Besides if someone really wants to pump money in they'll find a way. I think FFPR is really aimed at clubs accumulating massive debts so I can't see the likes of Man City having much of a problem. If they let them get away with stadium sponsorship it basically means anyone can really do anything. We all need to face facts. We were lucky to finish 3rd this season, saved by 1 striker (RVP) and 1 goalkeeper (the one from West Brom ). To me we are still desperately short in many areas.

    • And in the end, the players we keep, will always be equal to the players we take. Rather, its all speculation anyway. I mean as an example, who could possibly have foreseen the end to this season? Or the outrageous results that came and went week in and week out. Who beat who? Man City, us, Man. Utd. The downfall of Liverpool, the demise of Chelsea, left with an ice creams chance in hell of qulifying for the CL and if they do out go the spuds. And you lot go on bleating and speculating about a season to come, that will perhaps define once and for all, who we really are. And nobody wants RVP, he's going nowhere; Ive already screamed that 'til Im blue in the face on here. But once again there's no bastard listening, but only content to wallow in their own misery of guess work, and ifs and buts!!

    • The FFPR are in force at The Emirates.

      If we get M'Vila I will be surprised. If we get rid of all the players we need to, and still not sign a big name, I will not be surprised.

      That's not pessimism, it's just a reflection of the way things been going these last few years.

      Wenger may well be fire fighting to keep a half decent squad together again this summer. Maintaining a realistic target of obtaining a top four spot will take a bit of spending. I think we all know that. Actually winning something will take a lot, and then some luck on top.

      Some still maintain that we have the squad to do it now. Obviously these are the same idiots who rejoice at winning nothing.

    • Papers today are saying City are offering him £250k pw trebling his wages. For that he'll sacrifice living in London and move to rainy Manchester no problem. I agree happiness is important, but so is money he only has 3 years to set himself up for life. Bear in mind he is on top of his career. What happens if he breaks a leg? no-one will ever offer him that sort of money again. I think sometimes us fans get confused with how players think - we're the passionate ones lifelong supporters who wouldn't ever dream of supporting anyone else... not the players they will kiss the badge and move on. We shouldn't think more or less of them for doing it after all if RVP plays rubbish for a couple of years we'd all want him out fact of life i'm afraid....

    • I agree we are quick to jump on players backs when they dont play well and then wanting them out the club but that generally applies when they dont put a shift in and still dont play well.

      We tend to forgive when the player works his socks off but has a duff game, so yes to a degree I am with you on this about chasing players out but only if their heart aint in it and we know it.

      As for 3 years to set himself up, lets face it if footballers retired at the age of 21 they would still have more then you and me put together.

      It's a question of how wealthy you want to be, 52 million from City or 31mil + 5 million bonus at Arsenal? (36 million)

      Sure 16 million more is serious money but will it give him a better life style, lets face it you can do what you want with 36 million.

      This goes back to other values, being successful in your career and making your family happy as well as enjoying going to work, which he does at Arsenal.

      I think it is a close call but if he can get the financial package right and a realistic chance of competing for trophies next season (which means more transfers) then the other factors could sway it in our favour, but I guess this is just an old Gooner wishing!