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  • lex lex May 17, 2012 18:46 Flag

    Robin has seem through Wenger empty promises

    Seems to me Robin has seen through the Frog Twunt and the Yankee who trousered the profits and told them he wants to see the signings and not the fucking vision good on ya Robin i agree

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    • Oh look, the racist Belgian cunt risker pops his head round the door again .... called anyone a nigger lately risker?

    • You must be new here Timi. If you're expecting football banter, think again.

      This board is plagued with jokes for human beings. The "ignore" button is widely used for the racists and open criminals (like Rikky).

      Anyway, I think RVP's decision is purely to see if the club will use funds to buy new players. Podolski is a good signing, but I think Goetze and a holding midfielder would be enough to go further.

    • well i have said what i have said i am not bitter just very very annoyed at the attitude of the French twunt who is our manager he managed to get to third in a very poor prem i have my doubts unless he does sort out his cheque book that RVP will stay and i can say i blame him he is now 28 yrs old i think he might have won an FA cup winners medal or that may have been during his time of loads of injuries
      He does wish to stay but wants to see some sort of movement towards winning a trophy before he hangs his boots up he like myself am fully aware that you cant just by spending funds guarantee any trophy but am certain world class players do give you more of a chance and we do badly lack some class players we are fast becoming a Man city feeder club and that doesn't make me happy if that makes you happy pixie then i suggest you are not a true gooner

    • I have been a regular reader of these forums for years now but rarely post, and I am amused by the 'sibling rivalry' (football siblings).

      Just wanted to say, sometimes it is quite funny to read... but most of the time it is just tedious.

      Come on guys, let's get back to talking about football, especially Arsenal. When you bother to do that, these forums actually have a good collection of insightful and 'free thinking' posters - on both sides of the divide (which is why I've stayed). But when every topic degenrates into petty bickering, it becomes annoying!

    • Wrote 'brain of Britain lex'.....whilst feeling EXTREMELY BITTER because the club she supposedly supports, did rather well actually.

    • I think RVP wants to stay, and would stay if Wenger bought two quality players in the next couple of weeks. RVP just doesn't want to sign up to another struggle for CL qualification. He what's a serious chance of silverware.

      Next question is, will Walcott extend his contact if he sees RVP walk?

      It's sad to see this debate, since we are not a poor club. Last summer we had the long wait to see what Nasri and Fab would do, plus ofcourse Clichy left. This summer it is whether RVP and Walcott will re-sign.

      Fingers crossed we end up stronger by the end of the summer, whatever the ins and outs. Also, I hope we don't make another profit on net transfer dealings, it sends out the signal to fans that the board is relying on miracles, not investing in ready made talent.

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      • RVP was offered a new contract last season but wouldn't sign. He has just been offered a new contract but now won't decide till the end of the Euros at the earliest. Personally I think we are too quick to blame the club for him not signing - ambition etc.. and not the player himself. If he loves the club so much why not just sign? We're in the CL next year so what's the problem? I can see this ending up just like last summer surely we must've learnt our lesson. I would be happy to sell RVP right now and just move on try to get some new signings. There's talent around just look at the gems Newcastle brought in last year. What we don't need is another summer of p1ssing about waiting for players to decide to move on. I like RVP as a player, don't know him as a person but I do know that Arsenal have been loyal to him by standing by with all his injuries in the past. I've heard lots about him wanting to sign and being happy in London blah blah blah. Well Henry was very happy in London but it didn't stop him going to Barcelona. RVP should've signed last year but didn't. He again hasn't put pen to paper. Our club are being made to look like grovelling fools again. Sell him and move on. The club won't collapse.

        From a lifelong Arsenal fan.....

    • RVP has what ?