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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy May 20, 2012 17:10 Flag

    Podolski and other reasons for hope !!!

    When we look to progress in 2012/2013 we obviously look to new additions like our new striker, which is a good start but alot more is needed to give us real hope. So we all pray for a couple of classy new signings ofcourse.
    However, which players who didn't play much of a role this season but could step up next season. In defence Jenkinson and Miquel could really excel under Bould. In midfield we could be spoilt for choice with younsters like Coquelin, Frimpong, Chamberlain, Wilshere and Miyaichi raring to go. I daren't even mention Diaby. And a left field thought is Vela with 12 goals and 8 assists in Spain, Wenger could just decide to bring the kid back into the fold.
    Any thoughts on players you think are ready to step up to the mark?

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    • Arsenal finished 19 points behind the two Manchester clubs and neither they or Chelsea are going to be standing still. Do you seriously think that players like Jenkinson and Coquelin can make the same sort of impact as someone like Hazard? Frankly unless Wenger opens Arsenal`s wallet the gap between them and the top teams in the EPL is only going to get bigger.

    • I just really hope Frimpong come's good. Coz he has so much character. Football and sport in general is lacking characters and he truly does love Arsenal and has no fear on the pitch. Shame about his injury.

      Coquelin whilst really good, I just think that we could do way better.
      You know we once had Gilberto, Flamini and Diarra battling for that position our current 3 players just are no way near as good.

      I think that if Ramsay has another season like last then unfortunately he will have to go. We again could just do way better than the display he gave last year. Which i put down to the injury and being out so long and him just being too self aware and it ruining his game. He is either trying too hard or just trying not to try.

      I expect the OX to have a big year, coming on from the Bench.

      and cant wait to see Podolski blasting in shots with his lethal left foot.

      Jenkinson I dont think will ever make the grade and Gibbs and Santos at left back. No where near as good as Left Backs of old.

      I think the defense is wear we need the reinforcements. I would get new right back cover for Bacary and get a new left back for Gibbs to play second fiddle too and move Santos into a left midfield position. He would be good on the left in a 442.

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      • I think the level of football at the top now is extremely high and with all the top clubs spending heavy this summer the quality will improve even more, so the question is, will Arsen be able to give the young talent the chance against these teams or do we follow suit and bring in our own proven quality.

        Blooding one or two players is a risk but 3s and 4s is suicide and not many top clubs do this anymore, hence Arsenal haven't won anything for ages!

        It's a fine balance between educating your young players and weakening the team, I don't think we have had the blend right for some time now and results have supported that.

        I think the exception to the case is Oxlade, but he is very much an impact player.

        I would sooner Arsen brought in some more quality and let the youngs guns spend another season either on loan or as squad players learning their trade slowly but from quality players.

        We are still short of quality and a keeper, two defenders, 2 midfielders and a forward is ideal, but we will probably end up with Podolski + 2 more.

        The issue about RVP is key to whether we bring in another forward or not. I think we should anyway, but money talks!