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  • Raider Raider May 22, 2012 15:17 Flag

    Jan Vertonghen

    Quite simple, he wants to play in a BETTER LEAGUE!
    He wants to test himself against better players, earn more money, experience playing abroad and ALSO compete in the champions league so if he wants all that, he needs to play for Arsenal, City, Utd or Chelsea or go to Spain & Italy.

    As for saying that Arsenal are in 3rd by luck and due to other teams failings does that rational not also apply to every other team?

    If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle!

    The league positions do not lie, it's a bit like saying City only won the league because Utd drew against Everton or if Barton hadn't got sent off against City then Utd would be champions.

    IF's don't cut it in football, results do!

    You might not agree with me but the Barclays premier league table does and so does City, Utd and funny enough, so do Chelsea...Doh!

    Lets face it, Footballers want the most money for playing at the best clubs in the most prestigious competions, so if he goes to Spurs he will be taking a step backwards from Ajax, but nothing would surprise anymore with footballers!

    However, he might feel that Spurs would have a chance next year of reaching the top 3 spot and is prepared to be out of CL football for a year.

    He will also know that UTD, CITY, CHELSEA, ARSENAL, and even NEWCASTLE will strengthen their squads and be even better next year so getting top 3 spot will be very tuff for Spurs.

    There is also Liverpool who might strengthen so 7 teams fighting for honours is very competitive and will he take the chance, I am not so sure!

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