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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy May 21, 2012 12:45 Flag

    Priority defence ...

    We know that at the start of next season Jenkinson is our only decent right back, Sagna has a big question mark over him after braking his same foot. We have to be realistic about that. In central defence we have Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker and then the questionable Djourou and youthful prospects such as Miquel and at a stretch Bartley. At left back we are ok with Gibbs/Santos I can't see change there.
    So I see back up at right back as a must. At CD I personally would prefer Miquel and Bartley to get premiership experience on loan, and bring in the likes of Vertonghen who would also provide left-back cover.
    Sell Bendtner, Arshavin, Denilson, Fabianski, Lansbury and perhaps Vela to cover the defensive transfers. Then leave it to Bould to create some steel at Arsenal again.

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    • I agree with you there about Gibbs and Santos, it was just unlucky that both were injured at the same time and the versatile Vertonghen would be an ideal player to cover all eventualities. My only fear with Santos is that he thinks he is a forward!

      Bring in Vertonghen, M'Villa and another right back and Arsenal start to look very strong defensively.

      Ideally another attacking midfielder wouldn't go amiss but the question is, will Arsenal spend that kind of money.

      If Arsen can off load the crap thats draining funds from the club he might be able to bring in some quality for once.

      If we can't sell, we can' buy and that's the problem!

    • Ofcourse Pedro Botelho is another decent left-back we have if needed. Definately right back is a serious weakness.

    • To be honest, I agree with what you guys have said. But having said that I would prefer Sagna over Jenkinson because of his vast experiences. I must admit I haven’t really seen a lot of Jenkinson, since we signed him from Charlton. Maybe he could do with a few games in his bag. I also think that Koscielny Is good cover for our Right Back problems. Because last season he played well there. I would also love to see Coquelin at left back if you ask me he is better than Gibbs and Santos. What we need are a couple of CBs and maybe a another DM, because Song is not one and he is to forward minded which is not bad, but we also need someone to protect the backline.

    • I think this past season we conceded more goals than we have in a while (or there abouts) so I agree that our priority should be on defense and the Sagna situation is a worry. To me Jenkinson might be one for the future but not one to rely on now so ideally we get cover for the RB position but I don't see Wenger do that. I also think we need to add to a defensive holding type of midfield player like Arteta. We only managed to win one game without Arteta and I think that is largely because of his contribution to defending. When he is out we have no one with his experience to fill that role and as a consequence we start looking vulnerable in the back not unlike headless chickens.

      We are also still lacking a creative attacking midfield player and I hope that the young and inexperienced but highly talented Wilshire can be that player but I'm not sure I would want to gamble our season on him. Rosicky is injured again and Ramsey seems to run our of ideas. We could try Arshavin in the middle, his best position where he doesn't need the pace a wide player needs in the PL. But other than that we could badly do with an Eden Hazzard or other creative player since Rosicky and Ramsey are not going lead us to a title in that department if you ask me.

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      • I agree with you I think not only do we need another RB but also another LB when you look at Gibb's injury record. Where we've looked hopeless this season is when we try and play people out of position Vermaelen at LB and Djourou at RB. They don't seem to be able to attack on the flanks which is the AW way. To me Ramsey had a really poor season you do wonder whether he'll ever reach his potential after his injury. Will Wilshere ever be fit? Chamberlain looks like he could be the creative middle of the park player I think I would possibly play him there and keep Walcott on the right. I would just like to get rid of all the crap players who we have managed to accumulate and get some proven quality in or if we take a shot on prospects go for British players (I'd rather gamble buying someone like Jordan Rhodes than some unknown foreign player). I suspect that won't happen until RVP makes up his mind whether he want's to grace us with his presence next season which I would guess will be a long and drawn out process,

      • Spot on. I also think we could do with two more Artetas if you ask me. And what about trying Song as a creative attacking midfielder,i mean just look at his assists this season. Maybe just maybe....