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  • Raider Raider May 24, 2012 11:53 Flag

    Financial Fair Play Rules pathetic !!!

    Really interesting read, and it explains a lot.
    The trouble is because we haven't won anything for ages people wont care how safe our club is financially, they would be happy to see us in huge debt but winning things!

    If you play by the rules you get slated by the critics and when you screw up like Rangers and Porsmouth you get screwed by the critics.

    the fallout from non compliance needs to be very sever to ensure everyone complies to the Fair Play Rules!

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    • Raider I like your idea of points deductions that would really hurt, and could allow well run clubs a shot european competitions. An alternative is to let them know they have gone into debt by X over the limit. And have to make it up in the next transfer window.