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    Should there be a centralised system for buying and selling players

    Football is not like any other business as it is driven by emotion and committment from supporters.

    Unfortunately football has become a business and as such, like most businesses the clarity and openess in dealings has become clouded and as a result illegal handling of transaction have taken place.

    I think it's about time that clubs need to lodge an interest in players that are registered with a governing body and the fee's and salaries are all made public as well as the cut the agents take too!

    We the supporters need to know whats going on with our clubs and the way they are run.

    Also who makes the decisions on tranfers and the budgets, sure we assume the manager tells the board who he is interested in signing but what about the value of the player.

    Lets assume Arsen wants to buy Eden Hazard, does the board say to him we will go as far as 15 million but any more then that you cant have him or do they say you have a budget of 20 million you can spend it on 1 player or you can spend it on 4 players its up to you!

    Like most clubs we the supporters just don't know how the club is run, and I think its about time we do!

    I'm sure I will get responses telling me exactly how the club is run, but in all honesty it will be guess work as the clubs work under a cloak of secrets!

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    • I would love some more transparency particularly from our own club since we seem more secretive than other clubs.

      In particular the available budget would interest me since there are always different numbers flying around.

      I can understand the argument to some extend that if clubs knew our budget it would cost us in negotiations but I think that's not necessarily true. Most clubs know that whether Wenger has the money or not he will not pay "over the odds" so I'm not sure if it would affect the club if we had an idea if we had 50 million or 30 million.

      I have always said that to me it would be easier to deal with our demise if I was sure we had no money. As it stands my frustration comes from the fact that the club has often said there is money to buy players if Wenger wants to buy only for Wenger to come out saying he thinks the current squad can win trophies, when we all knew this hasn't been true for years.

      This made it seem Wenger didn't know what type of squad was needed to win a major trophy.

      As an example it would make a big difference to me if I knew we only had 10 million to spend or 50 million.

      I for one believe if we have 50 mllion we should buy maybe one or 2 top players and we should try to attract the Eden Hazard style of player for 20-30 rather than buying many players for that amount.

      If you ask me we have a stud striker in RVP with a potentially top notch stiker in Podolski, if we sign a stud for the midfield (Hazard? or the Mario Gomez style of creative attacker, we would be in decent shape with a little luck. ie not too many injuries in defense and a quick recovery of Sagna. Maybe the only other player we need is another Arteta.

      The rest of the job would involve selling the lesser Gods.

      But like you say we are always left guessing.

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      • I often listen to talk sport and when that Adrian Durham slags off Arsenal and says that we are not serious about winning the league because we don't buy the big players or we cant keep the ones we have it gets my back up...Kin T W A T!

        But so many ignorant critics like him do the same and they don't know what goes on behind closed doors.
        We just want to know who is pulling the strings, Arsen or the board and what sort of money can we look at.

        If we can't afford players like Hazard then fine, but when we hear rumours about us going after him but he then goes to Chelsea etc then it looks like Arsen has failed again and that may not be the case!

        When it comes to Chelsea or City we know that money is never an issue, so how much a player costs doesn't effect the selection process by the manager but with most clubs and in particular Arsenal it does matter!

        I wonder what Arsen would do if he had the financial backing Chelsea or City have had, who would he have brought in, makes you think!