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  • Mr Morgan Mr Morgan Jun 3, 2012 19:27 Flag

    Poll --.Do you think ..........

    "RESPECTED VIEW",how delusional can one get,no one respects either of you on here.

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    • Oh dear mister leather. I think you may have wounded the Baptist with that one. You really ought to keep your feelings under wraps. After all, who the F...K are you? And another thing, where is 'on here'? Its a f....g blank page before you start, and then you form text on it, and send it to people hoping they will makes sense, or believe it. Much like The Baptist, who has never kicked a football in anger, yet insists, year after year, on peppering his blank page with his kind of nonsense, that nobody reads or takes seriously anyway, Much like me, who certain meat heads seem to have confused with someone who gives a shit. No what I mean>>?? Now on your bike mister leathers, and P O out of here.