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  • outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Jun 21, 2012 10:35 Flag

    Transfer rumours roundup

    RVP was spotted by ex England cricketer Neil Fairbrother in Manchester. RVP just enjoying his vacations in Manchester? Or on his way to earning oily dinars? Or simply Fairbrother in need of a good optician?

    Arsenal are supposedly interesred in Ben Arfa. Seems like a good plan B if Theo were not to extend his contract. Would cost the same what we would get for Theo and would definitely will be on lower wages than 95K a week. But very unlikely.

    Bayern are no longer interested in standing between the mutual admiration of MVila and Arsenal. Well seems like the bargaining chips are suddenly in Wenger's hand if he decides to buy him. Wont cost near the 17M being quoted now. But then againt we really don't need him as badly as a decent RB or a CB do we?

    From the above roumours I believe the first one. Defnitely it will be a loss if he decides to leave. As we need him as a captain more than as a Striker for this season. And we will lose our last World Class player and with that more global recognition.

    Wenger seems to have decided to act early this summer. The news signings will have time to gel. Hopefully RVP will be around to usher them into the team. But the need of the hour is a decent RB. Theodor Gebre Selassie of Czech has really caught my eye. Debuchy would be another contender but prefer Theodor on the basis of the Euro performance and he seems to have had a really great season back home where his team ended as Champions stopping a charging Sparta Prague in their tracks.

    One has to bear in mind Sagna turns 30 this season. And Jenkinson is nowhere near ready to turn in top performances week in week out. So a suitable replacement when Sagna is still recuperating is essential. Keen on seeing how Theodor performs against Ronaldo, but if he does well as expected, his stock will sky rocket further for sure.

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