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  • Mr Morgan Mr Morgan Jun 26, 2012 13:36 Flag

    England - what a shambles

    Sorry JJ you're right,apologies to the Croats and Czechs out there.They both played better than England,too many egos going on Young, Walcott believe all the hype up they get, they might be half decent league players but along with Carroll and Henderson(,jesus what was it for those two donkeys? £46 million,beyond belief) those four are not international players.I can excuse Chamberlain he is still raw and Young, his time MAY come,but times is up for the huge majority of Roys boys.

    • Sounding like you a bit there,I meant the time is up for a number of them.

    • "but times is up for the huge majority of Roys boys. "

      Does that include Wazza who, put simply, has FAILED TO LIVE UP TO his England's best player hype TOURNAMENT AFTER TOURNAMENT?

      When is Rooney going to show up and perform Pirlo-like in an England shirt?

      And PLEASE........... don't give us the usual ''he's surrounded by donkeys' bollox.

      I've seen many a great player in my time SINGLEHANDEDLY carried teams of donkeys successful throughout a tournament on their own.

      isn't it about time Wazza stood up and be counted, Mr Slim Shady EMINƎM Rikksy?