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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Jun 27, 2012 13:45 Flag

    Giroud on CHELSEA.

    This isn't a surprise whatsoever, if Chelski were even interested in him (doubtful) it would have been only as a 4th choice striker, and they would ensure he was paid what he's worth, whereas Francenal will pay him over the odds.

    The fact that he's come out with these comments shows who he really wanted to play for, a team that wins things, even when they change managers mid season...but Chelski probably lined him up as a back up target, which is why he's gone crying the press.

    The consolation is that French is the first language at Francenal, and with Van Persie probably on his way, and mediocre players to compete with, he's guaranteed plenty of opportunities to impress the big Manchester clubs.

    Chamakh came from France promising lots of goals, Arshavin was supposedly the Russian Messi....I wouldn't go getting your hopes up on this one.

    Le Professeur gives it a 5/10 (average at best)

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