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  • Jacks Jacks Jun 30, 2012 23:33 Flag

    I Just love this...

    ....its pure Dodge... a classic and unsurpassed for comical talent....and as for that old western saloon called "The Well Hung Gun" how could you not break up howling with laughter. Pure magic. And the barber shop underground in Coober Pedy where he got his 'combover' done!! Well that floored me..absolute brilliance - but read on

    "...The Melon Head Baptist, Swervy, 'bent' Rikki, Dry 'ring' Martini

    Just spent a mind bending night at Beta club in Denver... while you lot were sweating over England(never a doubt for me, when Walcott finally came on. Eh John? Blow that one out your arse). Had a great meal with her in doors, Lobster Thermador, with a bottle of California's best(I ask if they carried 'Old Peculiar'or French wine John, and the waiter said if I wanted to drink horse piss to go back to Europe)) and who was at the next table?? The Silver Bullet man himself; Bob Seger!!! What a night. Oh by the way the 'Combover' went down a bomb; even asked a couple of time where I had it done. I told them Coober Pedy in an underground barber shop in Australia, which doubled them up. 'You're kidding'? and I just winked.
    Well boys I'm now sat in my favourite Old Western Saloon(called 'The Well Hung Gun') at the moment, having breakfast of ham and eggs, rye toast, washed down with a bottle of ice cold Slitz, thinking about you four slobs wakingto another day pushing the trolleys around Tesco, or like Rikki, trying to cure himself with a bottle of 'the hair of the dog' that bit him. Better get back to the Clinic Rikki, you cant survive to many more of those screaming withdrawals. Have a nice one though what ever you're doing???? "

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