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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jul 4, 2012 23:03 Flag

    'Respect' and 'love for the fans and Wenger'

    Hmmmmm......cut the crap Robin.

    Van Persies actions immediately after the end of season Emirates fixture suggested he had made up his mind to leave, the waving, the blowing kisses. We hoped it wasn't the case.

    Then out of 'respect' and 'love' Robin decides to go against any gentlemans agreement and out his 'true' (not true at all with regards to real reasons)stance whilst out of the country and holidaying in America and before meeting up with his employers back in England!

    March him off the plane at Heathrow, down a side corridor and pop him in the back of the head, Soprano stylee, that's what i say.

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