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  • Robert M Robert M Jul 5, 2012 17:08 Flag

    Russkies or Yanks?

    Your Russian second largest shareholder Usmanov seems to be rather miffed with your American largest shareholder Kroenke for (i) being rather tight with the player budget and (ii) not letting Usmanov have a bit more influence on proceedings.

    Whose side are the Arsenal fans on? Wouldn't you like some of Usmanov's money to invest in new players, and keep RVP, or do you prefer Kroenke's approach?


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    • Of course Usmanov is 'miffed' he can't get his fat hands on the club can he?

      Is it any wonder he's trotting out whatever he thinks may influence his Arsenal interests in a more positive light?

      Some of us are not as eager as others to become whores of a Russian oligarch with a highly questionable history.

      Some may wonder if relying on a russian to splash his money seems to come with the price of said russian wishing to poke his nose into team affairs.

      Know what i mean Bob?

      That said i don't believe any of us know exactly what is going on at Arsenal and these days it has certainly become complex and frustrating compared with days of old.

      I wouldn't deny Usmanov more say in matters but i don't think i want him to have all the say in matters.

      I don't particularly like either Kroenke or Usmanov to be honest.

      At the end of the day the club are supposedly somehow meant to be competing with City and Chelsea financially and yet how do clubs do that when you take into account the situation of those two clubs?

      Is the answer really sell your soul to the devil?


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      • Guys I want to apologise for not knowing a lot about shares bonds and all those complex terms they use in the city..

        I have read usmanovs statement as much as l detest him l find myself asking the question...

        What has Arsenal football club gained by selling out to Kroenke?...

        Who has benefitted from the sales of shares to Kroenke?...

        You an blame RVP all you like but t truth the "custodians" of he the club are the real rogues!...