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  • Raider Raider Jul 6, 2012 13:32 Flag

    Loyalty is a two way street

    The problem about RVP leaving is in the manner he has gone about it.

    The club, manager and supporters have been behind him through the good time and the bad times and for him to come out with what he said devalues everything the supporters thought of him as well as the respect shown over the last 8 years.

    With him up front supported by Giroud and Podolski would have been a terrific front line and if Wenger brings in a quality midfielder as well as a full back then this year Arsenal would have challenged and RVP knows this, so is he really going elsewhere for trophies or is it what we all believe, a bigger pay packet?

    If we do sell him is should be abroad and deffo not to City, the days of selling to our rivals must stop now!

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    • He's a footballer he doesn't come from islington just plying his trade switch on and grow up. And get a life

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      • Get a life! Mmmmmmm says you coming on here slagging off someone who has a different opinion then you....nice!

        Arsenal have had plenty of loyal players that haven't grown up on the Holloway Road or went to school in Islington.

        Arsenal have stood by RVP when the crap hit the fan as well as when he was crocked but it appears he has a short memory.

        If you kept helping a mate out and then he didn't want anything to do with you, would you blame or not?
        Slightly different to the situation but principal is the same.

    • Interesting RVP made his excuse just as Arsenal clearly abandoned the youth policy and started signing experienced players. Apart from The Ox, the last few first team signings have all been experienced internationals. this summer they signed 2 players who have won more both domestically and internationally than RVP.
      What next, is he going to play for Spain next World Cup. He had world class players but his poor finishing was exposed

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      • It's true we need to sell players to bring players in but that applies to all clubs.

        We complain that we carry to much deadwood and when we sell them or at least try to sell them on we get questioned.

        Once Arsenal get rid of all those fringe players that draw big salaries then Arsen should be able to bring in some decent players and shore up the midfield and defence, despite many of you thinking this wont happen.

        Whether RVP goes or stays, his outburst as well as the drubbing from Usmanov has probably shaken the board up and perhaps they will review their wage structures and also the transfer policy and financial support for Wenger.

        We don't need to spend the way City or Chelsea do but we need to be able to buy better players then we have and keep the ones we have got already.

        Lets face it, If Arsen paid 50 million for Torres and got the return on him Chelsea did we would be screaming at him!
        So buying and spending big doesn't mean we will win anything, but having the money behind you will give you the ability to shop in the better stores.

    • "if Wenger brings in a quality midfielder as well as a full back then this year Arsenal would have challenged and RVP knows this"


      Wenger has told RVP that he will NOT be bringing in a quality midfielder OR a quality full back. That is why he is leaving!

      Loyalty has nothing to do with it. RVP wants to be a winner! That's what drives most sports folk. None of them get up in the morning and think...I want to be second best this year.

      The Arsenal board are quite happy at being 'also rans' though, as long as they get their profit out.

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      • How do you know what 'Wenger has told RVP....'?


        You flaming well don't know at all!!!

        Dear oh dear.

      • John, I find it hard to believe that we wouldn't strengthen the midfield and defence as that was a glaring problem with last season.

        We finished third not because we couldn't score goals but because we let to many in.

        I rate Wenger as one of the best managers in the world, but if for some reason he doesn't bolster the midfield and defence this season then he would go down in my estimation.

        I would lay money on Arsen bringing in two more players at least and that's without another goal keeper too!

        Wether RVP stays or goes priority has always been defence and Midfield and especially with our two new signings I believe the club is stronger then last year, still not there yet but never the less stronger.

        I guess being an Arsenal supporter means you are a dreamer but 2 or 3 more buys Arsenal become a force again.

      • I do not for one believe that RVP had any intention of remaining with the club at anytime infact I now believe that rumour or tweet by Rodney Marsh that RVP had asked for the Number 10 shirt when he spoke with City in March...

        I am not sure how else you can convince a player you are going to try to challenge for titles if you have signed a french and a german international to a team that finshed 3rd...with still hopefully time to sign more if U can get rid of the rubbish in the team!...

        Why did RVP not have this ambition when Feyernood put him on the transfer list for his repeated petulance?...or for 6 consecutive seasons when he was on the treatment table?....or when he was rotting in jail for rape?..AFC stood by him...

        It is about money pure and simple nothing to do with trophies he is not different from Nasri qed

        Unfortunately until we start winning things it will always be easiest excuse for everyone...it becomes a vicious cycle becos U won't win anything if U keep losing ur best players...and till you win something it will be an excuse..

        Let him also not forget we have not won anything since he came to the club partly because he has been on the treatment table!

        RVP will not have another season like the last thats the honest truth ( judging from his career so far) like all other arsenal players maybe with the exception of Cesc (time will tell) his time at arsenal will still be the high point of his career he will realise it when he leaves...

        I am not making any apologies for Wenger or the board who I personally believe should all be sacked! But I kind of expected a bit more respect and class from some one of RVP's stature ..to burn bridges with the club because he was angling for a move is unforgivable!..

        Personally I feel the club should hold him to his contract to allow the other guys to embed and settle ..play RVP if his head is screwed on ..let him rot in the reserves if it isn't .... this would warn the other players no one will hold the club to ransom! afterall Bayern did it with Ballack!! that way clubs don't feel that they can just turn up and unsettle ur players

        Unfortunately it means taking a financial hit on the £20m we will get for him if at all at this rate.....rather sadly our board is cheap and money is all they think about in the short term... so they will cash in on whatever money they can now destabilise the club until sept 1st and sell him by midnight for perhaps 500k more...

    • I think some supporters would have turned on him no matter how he left.

      I for one appreciate his honesty and think he did us a favor to say what many are afraid to admit, "we no longer are a club that plan their future around building major trophy winning sides."

      The player has given us 8 years or so of his career and he simply has no more time to give to a hopeless project, so why would he not have the right or good sense to ask for insight into Wenger's team building vision before he signs his last major contract of his career?

      No doubt the club did a lot for him, but it did not give him the talent he came with and last year alone his goals and assist were good for nearly half the points we scored. He can be said to have given us our 3rd place finish nearly singelhandedly. This alone meant big money to the club in terms of CL football. Would we have managed to sign Podolski and Giroud if we had finished 5th?

      For me he will remain a great ex-Arsenal player. He does not have the status of a Bergkamp and never will, but to compare him to Nasri is off the mark.

      We didn't complain when Viera went to City, why would we complain if RVP ends up at City?

      I for one hope he will win a trophy where ever he goes.

      PS: If as you assume, Wnger will buy a quality midfielder and central defender, I don't think RVP would have left. So don't get your hopes up for any world-class players coming to strengthen our squad in midfield or central defense.

      Once we made selling our best players part of our business plan we might as well get the biggest money for them we can get even if this means we sell to City or Man U, we should not flatter ourselves, we don't compete with City or Man U.

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      • it is nonsensical of people to claim RVP won us 3rd sport or carried us. He did his job which was to finish things off. He did not control any games like Messi and Ronaldo did. Many a time Barca were wholey reliant on Messi despite their stars. Teams could stop Barca if they managed to stop Messi because he actually played and conducted things
        Van Persie scored great goals but also missed easy chances in key games which ended up costing us in our quest to win trophies. He petulently got himself sent off against Barca- 2 unnecessary yellow cards. Key Cl game against Milan. Missed chances first leg and had a sitter to make us go level. Missed it! yet he blames everyone else.
        people say Nasri, Adebayor, Cesc, RVP etc are all world class. They were all there together at the same time yet failed to win. They then question the quality of the squad yet these are the same guys. Most teams are carried by 3-4 world class players. Man U only have 2-3 nowadays. They were the key players and they failed
        To my friends I have always said: give me Rooney ahead on Van Persie

      • Haha Mari you made me laugh with your post...

        How is RVP different from Nasri ?......

        Nasri's behaviour was even better than RVP's he at least did not slate the club before leaving...and he was our best player on his last match for us on a day when we looked lost and looking for inspiration....

        infact as much as I detest Na$ri I would really have to ask what he has done wrong against AFC...I don't quite know but I detest him all the same..

        He was not arsenal born and bred?...he never claimed to be in a legend....or l to be in love..he was arguably more productive than his mates when he was here..Its a job to him qed.....personally my job and wage is ok and and if U offered me twice my wage I would gladly insult my bosses mother and jump ship to work for you!

        But RVP is a hypocrite....all along he was trying to convince us he loved the club and was a gooner for life...

        He will never be an arsenal legend!

        He will never be a Thiery Henry Bergkamp....Adams etc after a single season...no sir..

        In my opinion he has not done enough to deserve the contract he was offered...

        City either pay the £30m or he rots in the reserves...

    • I think you pinched a nerve there Raider, especially as far as Persil goes. He wants quick bucks and quick glory. It will be he's last throw of the dice at his age; and he knows it. Its also about 'old mates' at MC. to make him feel welcome, and MU would frighten him. Also no place a certainty at any Euro club. He's going to City or no where.

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      • If he goes to City he will be hated by every single Gooner the way Nasri is and I'm not sure if he could deal with it as he is a player that likes to be loved.
        The other question is, would his family want to live in Manchester,,,,,,Mmmmmm!

        I think he will go overseas and Juve looks likely but money talks and Arsenal will probably take the most money on offer which brings PSG and City in to the running.

        I thank him for the one season he gave us but what appreciation has he shown for the 8 seasons we have given him?

        It's really hard to respect someone who doesn't respect you!