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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jul 6, 2012 15:01 Flag

    Arsenal move closer......

    .....to getting rid of Van Persie. Ultimately you have to put sentiment to one side and admit it is best for all concerned if he leaves. Arsenal can't afford to go through this whole saga again. We've had it with Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas and it's getting boring. It's the same old drama with our captains.
    Lets be shot of him. If, as he has displayed, he has no loyalty toward the man, the club, and fans who made him, then get as much out of City's Arabs as we can and move on... And while I'm at it, have we all forgotten the other players of our team, equally as skilled and worth just as much, in all this? If so its hardly doing right by them. They were as much responsible for our getting up to 3rd place as bloody Persil boy...

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    • Er, Walcott seems to be dragging his heels over contract talks as well.

      And now that RvP is on his bike, might others follow?

      Losing RvP and gaining Podolski and Giroud is going backwards in my book.

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      • I wouldn't waste your breath.

        Ducati is one a few that feel that Wenger and the board can do no wrong.

        That any player who challenges the club to prove plans for success should be thrown out and shot, regardless of their previous commitment and efforts.

        The truth is, it looks very much like we will lose another match winner. The ONLY player who looked like he could keep us in the top four again this year.

        We will now be screwed and must settle for mid-table mediocrity.

        Walcott is not worth £95k p/w. I keep telling everyone, and even Wenger agrees.

    • more utter tosh from the resident meths drinker.

      ''other players of our team, equally as skilled '' PMSL, oh do name them. perleeeeease.

      oh and ps, RVP is getting rid of francenal, not the other way round