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    Is Walcott next?

    After hearing that RVP is on his way out, the rumours start about Walcott too!

    Sometimes these rumours really cause a flack amongst the supporters and they all start to turn on each other and the club too!

    I remember reading message boards last season and how a large majority wanted Arsenal to sell the boy, and then the same people wanted to sing his praises when he put in a good shift.

    Like many others I rate Walcott very highly but the trouble is that he never gives enough back over the course of a season.

    I don't want Walcott to go but his loss wouldn't impact on the team the way RVP would and to be honest The Ox would step straight in to his shoes, who I think would give a better return over the season.

    Replacing RVP is very tuff but replacing Walcott wouldn't be a problem, but it would be a shame to see another English player leave the club.

    Lets hope he stays because unlike RVP, Walcott does have time on his side to win something with Arsenal and a bit of faith from the boy would do the club the world of good.

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    • As I see it Joe, Wcalcott wants a new contract and £95k p/w.

      In my eyes, he ain't worth it. In some way he would be a loss. He's an English player who can frighten the begeesus out of defences when he's on song. Trouble is, it's rarely the case.

      I would have liked him to have gotten time in the middle of attack last year, just to try him out as a CF or Striker. He has shown the ability to take the shot early and score when in front of goal, but again chances were slim and so was his success.

      Nigeria have not qualified for the 2013 ACON, so Moses wont be going. (as far as I am aware)

    • I don't really want to see Walcott leave but his technical ability is not his strength unlike his speed, so I am not sure he could cut it as a CF, but you never know!!

    • John,

      Would Walcott be a huge loss? At times he looks super, but equally he can look uninspiring and a little limited, akin our own beloved Lennon.

      How much could you expect to get for Walcott? £10-15mil?

      Moses would be an exciting signing and cost what? £5-7 mil? Am I right in thinking he'd be missing for ACN? I believe it will be held again this year, so they can sync it with the euro's, but I may be mistaken.

      Could be a good deal all round?

      Other wise could Walcott be a CF?

      Park, Chamak, Bendtner and RVP should or could all be on their merry way (assuming another club can match their wages), Even with your newly acquired Giroud and Poldi, you will need another CF option, from what you've seen of Walcott, can he be a CF?

      Ciao for now Goonstead,

      COYS!!!- Yes,.....you love it

    • 'Like many others I rate Walcott very highly '

      What others??!!!!

      A few brainless oneeyed Wenger sheep that think nothing is ever wrong at the club might, but most SANE minded people have cottoned on to the fact he's SH*TE!

      There was an excellent thread here recently addressing the fact he hasn't improved in 6-7 years at the club (yes he's been there THAT long!), so clearly he needs to move and try and develop elsewhere, or looking at it from your point of view, cash in, see if you can get your money back, but DEFINITELY dont give him the insane salary he's after!!!!

      As everyone knows I said this would come years ago. Theres talk about Ramsey wanting out, AOC and Wilshere will hone their skills for a while with you until they start to stagnate under the clueless prune, and leave well before their prime - its inevitable!



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      • The point I was making about Walcott is that when he is on fire he causes defences lots of problems but the sad thing is that it isn't that often, hence not a major loss unlike RVP.

        As for Ramsey, I think at this time of his career he is punching above his weight at Arsenal and could possibly do with playing at another club, yet again, another inconsistant player.

        With regards to Wenger I think it is quite clear he doesn't hold the purse strings and is restricted on what talent he can bring to the club which shouldn't reflect on his ability to manage.

        Infact most people didn't give Arsenal a chance at the beginning of last season and yet again with an average side, managed to still get third, not bad for a crap manager and an average side.

        Having said that, it doesn't mean it was good enough or should the club settle for top 4 only but give the manager the money and then decide on whether he is crap or not.

        Don't get me wrong, Wenger has screwed up royally sometimes and supporters should not view our club through rose tinted glasses, but he deffinately aint SH*TE and without knowing the conditions he has to work with within the club it's hard to have a true reflective view.