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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Jul 7, 2012 13:44 Flag

    Van Persie is RIGHT to Want OUT....

    ...so says former Francenal 'legend' and Spurs captain (LOL) Sol Campbell!

    'I can understand why Van Persie has decided not to sign a new contract,' the former England defender told the Daily Mirror.

    'When you go back to your club for pre-season, and you look around the changing room, you want to see top players around you and think, "Yeah, we're going to do something this season. This is where it's happening".

    'That's what van Persie is looking for. And maybe he's had a look and thought, "Is this it?"

    'Robin has seen the good times, and been part of the good times (ONE trophy?!), and he wants more of it. Basically, his statement is shorthand for saying his patience has run out, and that he can't wait for ever if he's going to win major trophies in his career.

    'From the outside, it looks as though he wants to go to a club who will start the season expecting to win things, not just to be in contention with a lot of ifs, buts, maybes and strings attached.'

    'Maybe he could still sign a new contract if Arsenal rustle up £100m from somewhere and make a serious statement by signing three world-class players,' he said.

    'But they lost Fabregas and Nasri last summer, so we've been here before and I don't see how it's going to be any different this time.

    'Arsenal have established this model of financial prudence, they have a fantastic new stadium, they are bringing the club's debt down ahead of schedule and everything is tickety-boo off the pitch.

    'They are making money (for whom?!), they are in good shape and everything is well-run... but they are not winning. The real sting is in the punchline.'

    You've GOT to respect Van Persie, he's given you the best part of his career, CARRIED you to CL qualification (thats like a trophy to you small timers!) singlehandedly with all his goals....its time to move on to a club who matches his ambition and quality - even if these days that club is the likes of Spurs!!!


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    • So.....i presume, going by the view you have just purveyed, you know, one player supposedly carrying a club yet not winning trophies, that you will happily wave goodbye to Rooney when City offer him money that United cannot match?

      You know......follow Tevez to Manchester!