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    Red & Whites Letter

    I'm really surpised not to have seen more discussion about Red & White's letter to the Board last week.

    Whilst I appreciate it's clearly a propodanda document on Usmanov's part a couple of things do rather stick out.

    Firstly if old Hill-Wood isn't enough proof of the Board's general incompetentce there is the 'OJSC MegaFon' incident which makes Gazidis look the complete fool he clearly is as it brings into focus the money he's wasted on the new super marketing team who've achieved sod-all to date and this shows why!

    The second is that Kroenke borrowed the money he acquired his AFC shares with from Deutscher Bank. How long before he's going to want a divi to service the interest!!??!!

    As I say clear propoganda but, there are more than a couple of questions that could do with an answer and when the 2nd largest shareholders are saying that our ambition is to achieve 4th at max that's pretty scary and disappointing.

    Then again as 'Hill-Wood' said yesterday he didn't know what all the fuss was about "It's not as if we've been relegated"


    P.S. Here's the link to the AST website where you can read the whole letter:


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    • Do you even fool yourself with that?

      I offer my opinion and answer each and every argument put my way and do so in the manner in which that argument is addressed to myself.

      It's you who choose to ignore arguments and opinions that do not fit your own without offering any argument when it suits.

      The latest point about Usmanov lauding Wenger as a 'great manager' proves my point entirely.

    • Is he still wasting energy trying to ridicule anyone else's opinion, yet failing to offer one of his own?

      He is incapable of debate or discussion. He is simply a troll, with an emphasis on the simply.

    • I see you're still in denial.

    • I was going to bring the letter up on here, but there is fuck all chance of rewasonable discussion on this board with the loonie squad about (you know who you are) so didn't waste my time.

      However, the below sums up Hill-Wood quite nicely and show what and arrogant lying fuck he is, and the rest of the spin masters on the Board, Gazidis the prime example. Bear in mind Hill Wood has been patronsing the fans for years about the non-existant success for the greater part of as decade.

      Remember - where did the money come from to pay off the debt while their shares soared??? That's right, us lot.

      "Alongside Hill-Wood pocketing £5.5m, the longstanding shareholder Richard Carr made more than £40m selling to Kroenke in 2009. Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who also inherited her Arsenal shares, made £116m selling them to Kroenke last year. Danny Fiszman, who bought into Arsenal in the 1990s, first with a portion of the former vice-chairman's David Dein's stake, made £160m, the final sale to Kroenke made just before Fiszman died last year.

      Hill-Wood said making so much money from selling his shares was "nice", explaining: "You wouldn't say no to a few million pounds." But he rejected as "complete and utter rubbish" the accusation that the club was run deliberately to increase the value of his and the other owners' shares, at the expense of supporters and a robust budget for Wenger.

      "It was nice to make that money, but I was never involved in Arsenal for that reason," Hill-Wood said. "I was involved because I have been brought up to love Arsenal and that is my only concern."""


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      • £5.5M?

        Crikey......tiss no wonder Arsene isn't buying big!

        What a bstard that Hill-Wood is!

        Wenger could have grabbed some real top class talent for that enormous sum!

        That's pittance FFS!

        The value of all the top flight clubs has gone through the roof in recent years. The Hill-Wood family was a part of Arsenal long before SKY cash began raining in, as was Bracewell Smith i believe.

        Why, because these board members made money when they eventually sold, do you believe that somehow proves that the only interest they had in Arsenal was for huge personal profit? That this money was somehow being taken from the club?

        Even...EVEN if that WAS the case, would it not be more sensible to invest and produce a successful team thus raising the value of the club further?

        Before you start with the 'sheep' bull, it ain't about following blindly Swerve. I have NEVER lauded Kroenke as the messiah. My allegiance has always been to Wenger, not the poxy money men. Usmanov himself has gone out of his way to FULLY BACK WENGER.

        What do you think of that? Why no comment from you or John or Mar or any of the other 'sensible' anti Wenger posters???

        I, like every other Arsenal fan do not know niether Kroenke or Usmanovs REAL agenda and if their interest proves to be anything other than the future success and further improvement of the club than i will be every bit as p!ssed off as the next Arsenal supporter.

    • Thanks for posting the letter.

      It confirms a number of things most of the sensible posters here have known for a while now.

      Over-riding everything is the fact that Kroenke and the current board see Arsenal football club as nothing more than a means for them to make money now.

      They cannot and will not invest in the hope that success would mean even more money could be forthcoming in a few years.

      Whilst there is no guarantee that success will immediately follow investment, the hope of it reduces each year they fail to invest and hold onto our best players.

      I wonder if there will come a time when the fans will move to try and force Kroenke to sell up and get out, and let Usmanov come in to try his way.

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      • "It confirms a number of things most of the sensible posters here have known for a while now.

        Over-riding everything is the fact that Kroenke and the current board see Arsenal football club as nothing more than a means for them to make money now."

        Complete and utter tosh!

        For a start it is not known 'fact that Kroenke and the current board see Arsenal football club as nothing more than a means for them to make money now'

        That really is absolute waffle John! You know bugger all about how the the current board and Kroenke view the club.

        You are just fantasising!

        Secondly mr 'sensible' all you and the likes of Swerve have ever whined on about is just how terrible a manager Wenger is and how you believe he should be marched out of the Emirates ASAP!

        Even Usmanov himself refers to Wenger as 'GREAT'.

        Hmmmmm......guessing Mr Usmanov is yet another 'Wenger sheep'!

        Dear oh dear oh dear....the mind truly BOGGLES!!!

        I suggest you pretend you never read this post self proclaimed sensible people.

      • Does anyone still doubt that money is available for players, but is being used to line pockets instead?

        This letter sticks it right up Pixie and dodgeaducati!