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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jul 9, 2012 22:04 Flag

    Usmanov on WENGER......

    Last week Usmanov talked of Wenger as a 'GREAT manager'.

    Why is it that no mention of this has been raised on this board by the self proclaimed 'sensible' Wenger OUT posters???

    Is Usmanov....how do you put it?

    A 'Wenger sheep'??? Blind to Wengers failings.

    Or could it be that all the 'sensible' Wenger out brigade are not so 'sensible' as they would have you believe?

    Oh dear!!!

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    • hmmm somebody sounds AWFULLY wound up?

      that last rant was funny though.


      calm down pixie, we'll let you alone soon enough when we've had our fill.

      much love

    • I know this is going to go totally over your head dumbf*ck, but the reason i claim i am right is actually because i am right and the reason i throw insults at you is because you are a complete f*cking idiot.

      Now a question for you......were you put on this earth solely from me to rip the p!ss out of you on a daily basis? Or are you just one of lifes complete ignorant c*nts?

      Don't go getting a headache now will you.

    • isnt it about now when pixie comes on with one of his other ID's and posts in support of himself whilst praising 'fabongrass' for his sagacity and comic talent?


    • So you have no answer then Pixie, hardly surprising.

      Why don't you try and deflect your embarrassment by claiming you were right, and throwing insults around?

    • F*ck me are you REALLY so TH!CK or are you just pretending to be ABSOLUTELY F*CKING DENSE in a bid to cover up the FACT that you really have been shown to be the PRIZE PLUM you are?

      You should take a leaf out of Swerve the fake Arsenal ID,John and Marintiis books and avoid me like the plague as my CONSTANT CHORTLING at the frankly HILARIOUS ponderings upon all things Arsenal you lot purvey will do nothing for your own self esteem i tell thee!!!

      Notice Swerve swerved the Usmanov 'Wenger is GREAT' comment like he was driving along and came across Bambi sniffing daisies by the side of the road!




    • "I wonder why Usmanov didn't come out and say 'Wenger is a pile of sh!t and should have been sacked by the incompetent board years ago!'"

      So instead of saying this mess is your fault, not the manager, you're just after making money for yourselves, and not investing in the team .... he SHOULD have said, you're OK, it's all the manager's fault, carry on as you were?

      No wonder everyone takes the piss out of you Pixie, even slayer is steering clear of you, and what he knows about football you could fit on the end of your dick.

    • UPDATE: The negative wind up Arsenal 'fan' ID 'Swerve' has kindly taken time to impart his wisdom on just why it is that Usmanov chose to comment on Wenger as a 'GREAT MANAGER' elsewhere on this board.

      Mr Swerve he say it's because Usmanov HAD to say Wenger is 'great'...because Usmanov is 'playing both sides'!!!

      Oh for Swerves rare insight!!


      STOP! STOP!!! MY SIDES!!!