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    More transfer rumours

    So many transfer rumours are going around and PSG buying in some big names has got the transfer conveyor belt going even more so.

    If you read things like the bleacher report and others, you will see names bantered around like: Steven Jovetic, Alan Dzagoev, André Schürrle, Thomas Muller, Alvaro Negredo and Afellay.

    Whilst any of these would be welcomed at Arsenal in reality we wont see any of them and its these unfounded articles that link these players to Arsenal that gets our hopes up with no real chance of them happening and then everyone blames Arsen for not getting them and loosing out to other clubs.

    In reality he may not even have considered them or in many cases even inquired after them as the articles would have you believe.

    It's just a question of not getting your hopes up to high and don't believe what you read until it's posted on the club website.

    I believe we will bring in more players but unless Arsen shifts the crap/under performers he bought before we maybe stuck with what we have.

    A right back and a midfielder please Mr Wenger and if RVP does go, another forward as well.

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    • Er....I hate to break this to you, but RVP's replacements were signed BEFORE he came out and BEGGED to be let go!

      Some of you are so slow its unreal!

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      • Unlike many people on these message boards I do not suffer from prematurity.

        Yes in all likelyhood Giroud was put in place to cover the loss of RVP but as far as I am aware he still draws a wage from Arsenal and if you would believe some posts and newspapers there has been talk in RVP doing a U Turn, which I doubt, but never the less there is still talk.

        As for him begging to be sold on, where did you get this information from, all anyone has read is that he has refused to extend his contract which does not constitute begging!

    • A right-back? Are you not expecting LaSagne back soon?

      If not, you could do worse than give Jose Bosingwa a one year contract. He's a free agent at the moment. Good player, suits your style (attack, attack, attack, goal down, oops). And as no-one at your club will ever have seen one, he can show you his CL winners medal. And then for an encore, he can show you his other one.

      Hope this helps.

      Robert (trying to pass the time before the JT verdict)