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  • Jacks Jacks Jul 19, 2012 23:14 Flag

    'Sick Note' Persie

    Proves to be one of the most expensive injury prone players in the PL, costing Arsenal a fortune in un played for pay and medical costs. A time waster and no Dutch master - like the Legend Dennis B.
    The jokes on him being forced to play out his contract - the kicker being if he doesn't perform well, who would want him anyway?? Looks like the boots on AW's foot this time. Must really make Robin pucker, to suddenly realised Arsenal dont give a shit about him.

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    • Gilly, you can't say that about Van Persie; he's world class according to Pixie.

    • ..... "Arsenal omit Robin van Persie from Asia tour as manager Arsene Wenger plays hardball with striker

      Arsène Wenger has told Robin van Persie that he will not be sold for a cut-price fee and may be forced to see out the final year of his contract at Arsenal after rejecting bids for him from Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus."......

      Oh dear, where did it all go wrong Robin? I bet you thought that AW would be a push over like before. Well how wrong can you be? This time, soon you'll be begging Arsene for a place in the team. Personally I'm disappointed. I thought we would be rid of another player who thinks he is bigger than Arsenal and bases this on one good season in a team that set - all he is - up for him. And where are you going to find another supplier of goals like Song for instance???