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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 26, 2012 11:59 Flag

    Pixie tells Phibbers!

    "Fab pointed out that the address of said pub was indeed on said road and Fab even supplied photographic evidence showing said drinking establishment embellished with a street sign clearly reading....yupp.....you guessed...HOLLOWAY ROAD!!!"

    Care to produce that photo again Pixie?

    1. You never posted a photo of that description.

    2. Nowhere on Phibbers is there a Holloway Road sign.


    3. You claimed it was on the corner next to Holloway Road tube, which is actually the Metro, a gay pub.

    4, You claimed you used the side entrance, Phibbers doesn't have one, the Metro does.

    5, When this first came up everyone wiped the floor with you, now you're getting it again.

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    • The kid has serious issues.

      I've never known someone so glutton for punishment, no doubt he is a habitual self-abuser, and possibly was abused as a child by his uncle, back in Kenya perhaps!?

      Him and Geordie_C*nt are quite the pair, or should I say, 'item'.

      Despised by absolutely everyone on every board, compulsive liars, delusional about their own self worth here, constantly telling themselves they are funny, witty, intelligent, not reclusive virgins with a Vitamin D deficiency!

      You're always going to get the odd freak on the Internet, its a really sad state of affairs.