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  • John John Aug 10, 2012 19:54 Flag

    Here we go again

    Song is possibly liked and wanted by Barca, but reports suggest they would be unwilling to meet the £15m price tag given by Wenger.

    Well with three years left on his contract, it is a fair price. At least the new Barca manager has said that he would not speculate about players at other clubs as it is un-sportsman like.

    There's a first.

    In the meantime, Wenger must decide if he wants Sahin very quickly as Milan are sniffing around him now. If he loses out, then the only choice maybe M'Vila (who a few rate anyway)

    I wonder how longer this will run for?

    Longer than the RVP fiasco? Lets see eh.

    So would any of you Gooners swap Song for Sahin? Or Song for M'Vila?

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    • For me the answer it would depend on whether or Song also wants to leave or not. If he wants to leave I would look to sell him simply because I'm not a big believer in keeping players who are unhappy at the club.

      If Song goes I would go for M'villa but I recognize that would be a gamble.

      I hope Song stays and wants to stay.

    • I'd keep Song and also bring in Sahin as the midfield would look very strong and creative too!

      Would still like to see a decent fullback come in and theres the obvious chant about RVP, if he goes to we replace or run with what we have?

      I just want quicker decisions on selling and buying players but obviously it doesn't always work out that way.

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      • Quick decisions are rare in this game, especially when such big sums of money are changing hands. There is no doubt a lot of posturing as well as the obligatory to's and fro's.

        Greg Van Der Weil was linked with a move early last week. No more news on that one, but he would be a great addition.

        Song has spent a lot time in the last two seasons venturing forward. Whilst this has paid dividends for RVP (see some of the best through balls ever) it has left the defense exposed to the counter attack.

        Sahin is an attacking midfielder, so a different kettle of fish to Song. M'Vila may be considered a direct replacement though, although he is thought to be a loose cannon.

        I'm not sure how it will pan out, but if we get an offer for £15m for Song, sell and get M'Vila. Sahin should not be considered a replacement for Song, but to cover for the injuries of others as he can play on either wing, or in the middle.

        Who would rate him more highly than Diaby, Gervinho, Walcott or Rosicky?