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  • Govinda Govinda Aug 13, 2012 10:37 Flag

    Should we replace RVP if he leaves?

    According to Wenger (see quote in attached article) he did not buy any players with a view to have them replace RVP.

    If this is the case one would have to argue that if RVP goes to ManU Wenger needs to scramble quickly to find a suitable replacement.

    I doubt he would though.

    Anyone believes Wenger would buy a new striker if RVP leaves?

    To some extend we need one, at least in terms of numbers, given the departures of Park, Bendtner, Vela and hopefully Chamakh.


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    • "To some extend we need one, at least in terms of numbers, given the departures of Park, Bendtner, Vela and hopefully Chamakh."

      Nice to see you giving Chamakh a chance Mar! Still....you were all ready to offload Song this time last year.

    • I dont think we need another striker, I have high hopes of Gervinho. There is no point in buying striker to make up the numbers. Giroud,Poldi,Theo,Gervinho and RVP we are one striker too many. When injury strikes thats a nice luxury to have. Otherwise some player will be warming the bench, in this group it would be Theo.

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      • I see Gervinho more as a wide player rather than a central one.

        If we lose RVP, Bendtner, Park and hopefully Chamakh although I understand his salary is a problem in terms of passing him on we have a net loss in strikers. Maybe that's why Wenger said we have not replaced him.

        If we assume that Giroud, the only real central striker we bought will pick-up the slack for RVP and Podolski for losing Park we have an upgrade in breath of quality but not in terms of absolute quality on the pitch.

        I guess Santi Cazorla will have to generate much more impulses from the center of midfield and like you suggest, Gervinho and who ever else play on the outside will have to pickup the slack.