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  • ok i understand why Arsenal had to sell RVP, with only one year left on his contract it was a no brainer. But can someone explain to me why they seem so keen on offloading one of their best midfielders when he still has 3 years left on his contract.

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    • It's hard to understand but maybe Song really wanted out and win trophies. Like Cesc and RvP.

      More importantly to me, we should replace him with a solid defensive midfield player. M'villa? I'm not sure, but one would hope the scouting department can come up with a few suitable names.

      Not replacing him would be bad. He was probably one of our more durable starters.

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      • M'Villa may be a tad expensive for the BOD's taste. Capoue may fit the bill. Apparently very promising and less than half the price of M'Villa. Then we groom him and sell him for a tidy profit.
        Wenger did say on TF1 something to the effect that on the pitch the money we make in the transfer market is of no use. So go figure why we seem to be so bereft of ambition. I would also add a right back. The frustrating thing is that Song and RVP were an importatnt part of the team spine. Now we are rebuilding again. I have personally given up all hope of seeing Arsenal really compete for a trophy this year. We are relentlessly heading the other way. And I am more ticked off that much of our deadwood is still around. They alone account for about 20% of our wage bill.

    • Song was a supplier last season but lacked the defensive attributes to his role but that maybe because he was filling in for our creative players that were off sick.

      I would have prefered to keep him but I understand why Arsen would prefer Cazorla and Wishere to be the brains and an out and out defensive midfielder to do what Song didn't do.

      There is also the issue of Songs agent going around Europe trying to find a club for him despite the 3 years remaining, this would have pissed off Wenger because the agent would not have done it without Song agreeing!

      It seems that the moment a player has a decent season at Arsenal they look elsewhere for a payday.
      RVP proved that and now Song has too!

      I would sell Song and bring in M'Vila and Sahin because Sahin has been used at left back by Real Madrid before to very good effect and coud be great cover.

      So far we have brought in three players for 1 RVP and if Song goes we might bring in 2 players with that money.
      So 2 key players leave and 5 key players come in, that sounds like a good building programme despite the quality leaving.

    • I think that it could have something to do with the cancer that is Darren Dein and I think Song is the last of that crop of players who have Dein as a representative and Wenger wants to rid Arsenal of this cancer now. Also we have so many midfielders seriously Oxlade, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsay we are just missing that truly defensive mid that if Song was to leave could be replaced with that or he rates Coquelin and Frimpong highly enough to benefit the team if Song goes.

      On a sidenote. God I hope Frimpong is on the field at some point against United. Frimpong the hell outta Van Scumbag.

    • For the same reason some would want to off load old Baldy John. Talks a good game, but cant deliver a game plan of any significants. Simple really...

    • Not sure it is because they are just keen Devon. I think it has something to do with the price-tag.

      £15m is pretty good. Whilst Song has been brilliant in setting up a few goals for RVP last season, his ventures forward have meant that our back line have been left exposed. He is supposed to be a DM.

      Arteta can do this, and let Cazorla do the creative shit.

      I'd be sorry to see him go, but not gutted.

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      • Song has transformed into one helluva player. I remember the first few games he played for Arsenal I was so frustrated by his lethargy, but boy he is one of the most consistently improving players I have ever seen. And now he's so good Barcelona are after him. We sell him and my faint hopes for Arsenal being title challengers go down the drain.