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  • John John Aug 20, 2012 09:03 Flag

    Song Sahin

    Out and in today.

    Song sold "because he was lazy and didn't listen to the management" Is the excuse bounded about.

    Meanwhile Sahin stated over the weekend that he wants to come to Arsenal, not Liverpool.

    Hopefully he will be in today, and be ready to face Stoke next Sunday.

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    • Sahin's agent?? Guillem Balague is a football writer. Another great example of how one journo reports another journo's speculative story with a slight twist to make it seem more factual.

    • I said reliable source, thats tabloid trash at best.

    • Eurobot: SAHIN SAGA - The on-going transfer saga of Real Madrid's Nuri Sahin has taken another twist as Liverpool and not Arsenal look set to land the midfielder. The player's agent, Reza Fazeli, travelled to meet the Anfield club’s hierarchy and iron out the details of the deal. On Monday it looked as if a deal had been done to take the player from the Bernabeu to Arsenal but Madrid changed the course of events when it told the playmaker that the Gunners were unwilling to accept a loan deal and were pushing for a permanent transfer.

      Sorry - you were saying?

    • Sahin is good player is really better that Mr. Wenger sign him now before is tooo late but he still need a very strong Midfilder to be purchase

    • this is what came up through google
      Real Madrid star Sahin set to complete season-long Arsenal move

    • Sahin's agent Guillem Balague gave a statement this afternoon to confirm both clubs had come to an agreement. Sahin should be over in the next day or so to complete the move.

      Meanwhile, Rennes are trying their best to push Arsenal to come in for M'Vila. Seems they have gone from being cool about a move, to being desperate to get rid of him. Very odd. Maybe he's doin' a Song.

    • Dont worry fab, its the blind leading the blind......as usual

    • Type 'Sahin Arsenal' into your search engine and any number of reports appear,both for and against said 'collapse'. Nothing on SKY so far as i have seen though.

    • Collapsed?

      Where did you get this from Risker?

      I know there was a hiccup yesterday/this morning, but that has been reported as being sorted out this afternoon.

      Is there a new hiccup?

    • We sold Song because he was lazy?? Sounds like he wanted a better contract but we decided that better cash in rather than invest in him! We didn't get rid of him when he was rubbish, when he becomes a decent player we get rid of him. Try making sense of that!

      Sahin will be a massive boost to our team. The guy is real class. When he left Dortmund he was one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Imho he is better than Kagawa, because he is capable of playing many roles. But he is best suited for the role Fabregas played.

      By no stretch of imagination is he a CDM. I rate Coquelin very highly but whether he is ready to shoulder the responsibility this year is questionable. Buying M'vila is a sensible option. But doubt that will happen.

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      • According to inside reports, Song began asking about an improved contract as far back as December. As Wenger had the small task of trying to keep RVP and Song had three years left, he told him he wouldn't discuss it at that point.

        From that point on, Song became a different person. Lazy, not trying in training, not doing as he was asked by the staff.

        Wenger made up his mind then. Regardless of how his season went, he would be sold.

        I can't see M'Vila coming here. Rennes have said they haven't spoken to Arsenal for a few months about him. I think Wenger thought better of taking on a player with "problems".

        Sahin could be a great signing. We will have first option to buy if he works out, or ship him back to Spain if he works out to be a Chamakh 2.0