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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Aug 20, 2012 17:25 Flag

    Lazy, late, bad attitude.....

    Arsenal COULDN'T WAIT to get rid of Song...


    (Sounds like Christophers last employers)

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    • And here's something else to shove up Baldy John the Baptist......Quote

      "What a load of rubbish Song easily Arsenal's most overated player with an ego+greed 20 times his ability.

      Constantly ignoring team mates signals to stay back his forays up pitch despite a few assists+goals were a key factor in Arsenal conceding 49 goals last season.

      Add in being arrested for driving with no license or insurance, his bodyguards roughing up fans in Cameroon. Followed by his demanding 120k a week which not even RVP earned, and his agent hawking him around clubs whilst under contract, (contrary to FIFA rules) and you can see why Wenger lost his patience.

      Following that little lot Song swans in to training late, argues horrifically with Steve Bould in Cologne, and again with Wenger in training last Friday leading to a physical confrontation.

      He threatened to strike if not sold and bade shocked team mates good bye+cleared out his locker, obviously the club decided this isn't The Arsenal way.

      Darren Dein's last client at Arsenal, no longer will the parasite be able to exact revenge for Dad getting fired .

      Dein has a habit of turning his client's heads to greed+his way of them pursuing that has been well documented by Alex Fynn , Wenger+David Dein's friend.

      Arsene clearing out spoilt brats who want top wages when they havent' won or achieved anything is good- they can be replaced by those who have+will.

      All of Song's behaviour above has been well documented in the press , on blogs by those fans who go to training +have good contacts."

      Time to eat crow?????? Pipe for Baldy John anyone???

    • you can believe that if you want as you are a wenger sheep

      song played 34 epl games last season - what a lazy sod he was

      if song is classed as lazy then what does that make arshavin?