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  • Artuso Artuso Aug 22, 2012 01:49 Flag

    The squad

    This IMO is the best squad we've amassed since the glory days 8 long years ago. Assuming we've got Sahin in the bag here's two entirely different teams we could possibly line up with

    Sagna - TV - Merts - Gibbs
    Theo - The Ox - Santi - Gerv

    Flaps (I know)
    Jenks - Djourou - Kos - Santos (if not banged up)
    Arshavin Diaby Wilshere Rosicky

    Subs: Mannone, Ramsey, Coquelin, Miquel, Chamakh

    We've got two pretty decent teams there, both of which are versatile and interchangeable offensively. Unfortunately the defense still needs at least one addition and the thought of Flaps in goal fills my socks with piss as does images of Valencia/Bale/Aguero etc charging full throttle at Jenkinson but all things considered I still believe that this is our strongest lineup in ages and maybe, just maybe Wenger/the board have finally learned that in order to win things you need to spend some fucking money. I wont be entering Ladbrokes anytime soon to bet anything more than a tenner on us winning the league but the signs are promising

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    • It is capable of winning trophies, but I question whether we have the mental strength to go on in the league.

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      • If you wanted mental strength risker, you would only have to look at todays game. Thats one we might have lost (as usual). As for Carvallo, I think we have have something special there. If you stop to think that we have Wiltshire and Rosiki back soon, it can only bode well I think. I for one am looking forward to Arsenal putting a few dents in some of the solid heads on here......tee tum tee tum! Chamberlain, Gervinho, etc. etc. And Wenger has a lttle surprise coming up this week????

      • After all the natter about our squad Team Arsenal, you've tried every known combination, want or don't want, need or don't need.So how about throwing in Mickey Mouse to play in the hole, and Desperate Dan to knock three kinds of Sh..t out of teams like Sunderland and Stoke, so we can score. That should do it.....

    • Thats a good write up for Team Arsenal Artuso. Unfortunately, on here we have people who would rather see AW wrong and Arsenal down. To suit their purpose of course. However, for the the purpose of healthy debate with someone who at least has committed coment, I agree with most of what you say. Funny though. I was always thought that Djou. looked a bit of a worry sometimes. But I do see Jenks. making that RB spot his own. Later. As for your midfield and attack, switch it any way you want, I'm happy as I've ever been for quite sometime. Especially now with that pr..k Dein out of the way. Anyway this, more than any season recently, looks very promising indeed.....Sahin's on the way?? Yes or no?