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  • The Londoners The Londoners Aug 24, 2012 21:49 Flag

    Eyes Front.....on the look out

    Errrrrrrrhhh! Any sign of Sahin anybody??? He seems to have vanished into thin air.
    What a dumb load of jerks some are on here. I wonder who could have started this rumour. It sounds like the work of an 'insider' like Jthe goon. or his friend Rikki the Tea Leaf, who gets better insider information about Arsenal
    underground at Cober Pedy, australia, than we do here. Must be something in the cans he's drinking.... I wonder if he picks up Old Trafford with all the connections he has....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha or is that just a bit of lose wiring Butch ha! ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Oh F..k pmsl...ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

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