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  • Janet Janet Aug 26, 2012 13:27 Flag

    Teams News for Stoke away

    I think our start to the season will be similar to last year. No Szczesny in goal and Liverpool away next. Jenkinson at right back and the slow Mertesacker who will no doubt be caught out. Arsenal do not have a good record with their strongest team against Stoke. Oh well they have a few days to scramble a few mediocre players in or out. The back line is already showing their lack of quality depth and this is match no 2. Roll on May 2013 to see where we end up and what stories will the the board roll out for the short comings. Every season 2 1st team players leave. My money is on Sagna and Szczesny whose contracts expire in 2014 not wanting to renew.

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    • And who would want you as a supporter. Not Arsenal(maybe the Arsenal Ladies team) by the sound of you. I have never heard such negative bull about a team that is coming from scratch, and from the loss of a goal scorer. What is it you want, instant success? We just got a point from a place we rarely have done, without RVP. With him we lost. Make any sense to you? This is as good a team AW has put together for a long time, and Liverpool hold no fears for me, or the rest of the season come to that. Thats called support.

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      • "We just got a point from a place we rarely have done, without RVP. With him we lost. Make any sense to you?"

        In the five seasons since Stoke won promotion, we have won one, drawn two and lost two.

        Rarely got a point? WRONG!

        In fact RVP scored to equaliser in last season away game this April.

        Back to the bottle with you Ducati.


      • No dodge, thats called DELUSION!!!

        Van Persie scored 7 goals in 8 games for you against Stoke, now you can barely test their keeper!

        You'll need everyone else to be complete sh*t again for your bunch to scrape into the top four, I just can't see your luck lasting much longer!

    • Sagna we could manage without next year, but he will be kept.

      Vermalen & Santos.