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  • outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 27, 2012 09:28 Flag

    The Stever Bould Effect?

    It's early days but from the looks of it, the Arsenal defence really looks like a ....... Defence! In the past seasons our attack had bite but the defence, despite having good defenders looked all over the place. Steve Bould's introduction to the training staff seems to changed all that.

    In the last two games the team has looked solid in defence. Agreed that the teams were neither Barca nor MU. But even against less accomplished teams our defence looked brittle. In the last two games the team as a defensive unit has looked solid like rock.

    What has changed more than anything else is that we are double marking players near our box and many a threat has been nicked in the bud this way. We are closing down the room available for the opposition close to our penalty area. This tactical discipline was conspicous in its absence in the last seasons.

    And the reason obviously is Bould. His introduction has brought defensive and tactical nous into the team. Because honestly our defenders over the last few years were not bad, but they simply never could do their job of defending when it got rough.Yesterday Stoke couldn't manage to fluster us. We looked strong and compact. And apart from the result, we dominated the match against them, which one could never claim even when we won against them.

    Hopefully the malaise has been weeded out for good. The occasional individual error will happen but hopefully as a team we will maintain the composure we have shown in these early stages.

    Now only if we started fiding the back of the net, matters will start lookingmuch better.

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