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  • The Londoners The Londoners Aug 27, 2012 20:44 Flag

    Two games......2 points but not well done?

    I could understand it if Arsenal hadnt scored in half a dozen games or so, but we have played 2 games against teams that dont come to play football but park a bloody bus in front of their goal, and already its 'Misfiring Gunners' etc. etc!!. 2 f...g games and they're off(the press) on their 'bate Wenger and his team' shite. One day I'll read something positive about us. About how it was a hard won point, especially at Stoke, where no one gets an easy game. Never mind that we came close on several occassions, and sometimes as in football, the ball doesnt go in. Trying to make something out of a sh..t head like Van Winkle being shown the door, can only make us and Wenger more determined than ever to show that one man doesnt make a team....more especially, one man that has only shown us 1 season out of 7 of decent form.. Man Utd. are going to find out that 'one swallow doesnt make a summer, and Van Winkle will soon being showing his real colours..having to work a lot harder(uninjured) now that Rooney isnt there to cover his arse...

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