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  • The Londoners The Londoners Aug 28, 2012 18:07 Flag

    Baldy Baptist you have mail And Eric Catatonia

    ....Now lets look at the Ferguson versus Rooney confrontation shall we Cuntona. In January many considered the idea of Rooney's days at old trafford might be numbered was crazy.(Ericuntona the pr..cks thinking not mine) Now its beyond debate that Rooneys attitude, and the level of fitness he brought to the new season, after his delayed showing in the Euro Finals, has given Ferguson pause for thought about the demeanor and style of a player who came close to quitting 2 years ago. The truth is only one thing has changed in their relationship, and thats the level of Fergusons dependence. Whats more he has almost said as much in his welcoming of RVP. So whats going on here then. If Rooney doesn't wake up to himself, I doubt he will be able to pull another stunt(threat to leave) on SAF..... This of course doesnt take into consideration that Berbatov also wants out. Seems our Ragged Reds could find themselves in real trouble should RVP not measure up, and Rooney's out or away.... Could be interesting,,,,dont you think Baldy???(and you may answer)
    Hi Fab. How was the holiday??" While you've been gone Arsenal have doubled their season ticket membership, bought in 3 top first class players, and Wenger is up for a Honorary Knighthood..... plus we have doubled our points from this time last year...

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