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  • The Londoners The Londoners Aug 29, 2012 13:49 Flag

    Wally Walcott...

    FFS! they're all at it. 'I want more'. Whats Walcott up to them knocking back an offer that was well above his pay grade? Do I detect a little skull duggery here from Rip Van, his friend. Nothing would surprise me with him after his past statements....But I think Theo's bluff has been called, and could well find himself second string, with City interested. But in truth I cant see him going, though it wouldn't be a huge loss.....thinks AW.

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    • Walcott is a good player that delivers now and a again but he is demanding the salary of a great player that delivers all the time!

      Would be sad to see him go but only because he has been with the club a long time and not because of the club needing him.

      There are better players around the world Arsen could bring in for a lot less money and would probably be more consistent.

      I am more concerned about the cover for Song then loosing Walcott.

      Walcott can go for 18 million, plus the money from Bentdner and a couple of others and spend it on a top draw midfielder, full back and Llorente.