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  • Raider Raider Sep 1, 2012 10:38 Flag

    Just two more signings, that's all we needed

    All Arsen had to do was bring in a defensive midfielder and another proven goal scorer and the supporters would have started to feel we have a chance to challenge.

    We let the best PL forward go and arguably one of the best midfielders go, so even if we replaced with like for like it still wasn't strong enough to win anything last season so what will be the difference this season.

    We have stood still in terms of quality, whilst others have improved, City, Chelsea, Utd and even Liverpool.

    Unless Jack and Diaby start to perform and stay fit the team has gone no where, I just hope we start to pick up points soon because the top three will start to create a gulf again.

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    • Just shut it. You're a 50 year old man calling himself 'raider'???
      and all I ever read from you is bitching about the team you supposed to support. I personally think you are nothing of the kind. You are just a moaning middle aged man fed up with life, and yourself probably, and getting your shit off, at somebody elses expense. And I dont believe for one moment that you have ever been to see Arsenal let alone support. And that goes for the rest of you miserable moaning bastards. Get a bloody life for Christs sake. I cant believe what I read on here from some of you. Come and open those big mouths at The Emirates among real supporters and see how far you get. Now f...k off and go bother your mothers...you arseholes

    • PS raider...we have always needed 2 more signings for the last 5 or 6 seasons!!...you always get that feeling if only we have had 2 or 3 more quality signings...its the same ole feeling season after season..

    • The truth is Wenger and Kroenke are con men...they've had us again...season after season its the same old lies...

      They had absolutely no wish to buy any more players...all the so called talk of enquiries about Sahin and all other players is to leave fans in hope that some thing mite happen...diligent fans will go on and buy seasons ticket....

      and when the season starts U just feel you have been screwed..

      Its becoming a familiar feeling every start of the season now...

      Any one fancy a seasons ticket....I have had enough now...

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      • Good.!! Then f..k off. and send your ticket to some kid who lives and dies for Arsenal each week(without too much expectation), yet never has a hope of seeing his team in the flesh. We dont want or need the likes of some snivelling moaner trying to kid on he has the inside information. Talking as though you've had your dreams shattered by Arsenal??. When all the bloody time sitting in your bedroom, in front of your little screen in the dark, waiting for her to bring your supper up and a nice cup of horlicks before bed. 'Bad Boy my bloody arse'. You wouldnt know what being a bad boy was. And dont forget to log off....permanently

    • With budgets as they are, the prospect of signing the likes of M'Vila were always going to be dependent upon us offloading Chamakh, Squilacci and Arshavin.

      Without making room in the wage budget, we are stuck along with many more clubs now. Looking at what was actually spent (net) on transfers this summer:-

      Chelsea £79.5m
      Liverpool £19.3m
      Utd £41m
      City £15m
      Spurs (£5.8m)
      Arsenal £0.3m

      What do you think this would indicate?

      What makes me laugh is the fact that Stoke spent £10.5m net, Sunderland spent £6.5m net and QPR £11.6m!

      Biggest of all, newly promoted and financial jokes West Ham spent £18m!

      So who has the most ambition?

    • Arsenal have a plethora of CMs and have brought in 3 quality attack minded players.

      Why so negative?

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      • I agree, but will he play what he has and are they good enough..

        I think Frimpong is going to be the real deal and could very easily sit in that holding spot but will he get the chance and how quickly would he adapt?

        As for Giroud, I like him but it is going to take time for him to develop an understanding with Cazorla, Podolski and Co and the PL is a big step up for him.

        We don't have a bad starting 11 but it's when we have crocked players that we suffer because the lack of real quality and experience in depth.

        The fringe players need to step up to the plate and repay the belief Arsen has shown in them, but they are good enough, they just need time and the PL doesn't give it to you at our level.