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    Anyone could have told him that!

    "Clearly he isn't the top player we wanted, but we needed reinforcements." — Juventus chief Giuseppe Marotta does not oversell the deal to bring in Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner.

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    • 'We looked at Rooney as he is surplus to requirements at ManIOU, but the kid is only interested in gorging on meat pies,screaming for more money, and taking pictures of the pubes which have taken up residence upon his bald spot" --- Every football manager throughout the known world.

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      • Hahahaha!!! You asked for this Pixie Poof....

        Wenger on Rooney...

        "If you expect your team to win you have to take your BEST player even if he doesn't play the first three games."

        Wenger added: "He is a GREAT player. The other day he had a bad reaction. I've seen that from (Zinedine) Zidane and many great players. It's sometimes a consequence of the immense pressure they are under; everybody expects them always to do something special."

        "I do not want Rooney to lose his aggression because I admire him as a player," said the Frenchman

        "Mentally and physically he is a great player and you do not want him to lose that. He is a top, top level player and you want him to keep that but know when to use it and when not to use it.

        "Rooney is a GREAT player. I am convinced he will stay at Manchester United because it is his club. We are not interested in buying him as we have Bendtner and Walcott." (PMSL!!!)

        Wenger said, “I believe what is good in Jack’s case [is] he reminds me a bit of Rooney

        "Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks to have [the same fearlessness as Rooney]," Wenger told Arsenal's official site.

        My personal favourite...

        Van Persie: "Of course I'd love to play with Wayne Rooney," he said. "I've said many times before he's a world-class player, one of the best. I always look at players and like to see that they can adapt in every single game and Rooney can do that. He scores goals and makes assists."

        "Manchester United breathe football in every aspect, for me it was quite soon that I made my decision," he said.

        I put that last bit in for my own amusement!


        And stop drooling over our BACK UP strikers Wenger you huge PRUNE!!!



    • Trouble is Eric, Arsene buys these extremely average (if that) players, Arsenal pay them an extremely generous wage and then we can't get rid of them.

      Bendtner and park were put out on loan because no one wanted to buy them and meet their wage demands. Ditto Denilson and we couldn't even loan out Squilacci and Chamakh.

      The problem with loaning out players you want to unload is that this doesn't solve the problem unless they have a remakable season; and if they don't them the problem gets worse. You just have to allow them to see out their contract (and release them for free thereafter) or else buy them out.

      The trouble with Kroenke is that he's a businessman but not a football fan.

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      • The thing that makes me laugh is that Wenger has been saying for years he will only buy " top top top" players yet somehow we have a load of average players!?!?

      • I believe Kroenke has set the template that the transfers in and out must balance out. He is not going to pump money in. Spend within the financial model. The dross we want to shift nobody wants them and even if they are bought, we get 5million and below. So the key players are sold to provide funds to purchase new players. Arsenal will always be selling established players to buy reinforcements. Also the issue of waiting till the contracts are in the final 12months before renegotiating is showing the down side - cos all the players who are really serious about winning trophies move on and those that are not like Rosicky, Djourou etc extend for a nice salary whilst contributing minimal to the team results. I am so disappointed the way things are going. There is no depth, I only pray we don't have the defence injuries of last year cos the thought of relying on Djourou and God forbid SQUILLACI to come in fills me with my worst nightmare. Anyway hope they play well this season and get some good results.