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  • John John Sep 2, 2012 22:15 Flag

    Team V Liverpool.

    Good result from the fact that we kept a clean sheet (well done Mannone and co at the back)

    Link up play was much better so hopefully we saw the early signs of Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud creating a decent attack formation.

    Diaby was a breath of fresh air? Where the hell did he get that game from? Well done though.

    Ox was brilliant. Mind you, he had to be as Stirling is a very good player who did everything he could today. (He does walk like a mincer though. Does anybody else spot this?)

    Beating Liverpool isn't always easy, and today they were way out of sorts. I feel sorry for Brendan Rogers. He's trying to manage a team with his hands tied behind his back and a patch on one eye.

    Onwards and upwards then.

    (How long before RVP makes Rooney his bitch? Not long after scoring a hat-trick in your second game I'd say)

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    • There are players you like personality wise and there are players you don't like, irrespective of ability. I liked Senderos and like Arteta and never liked Ade, Nasri or Bendtner.

      I really hope Giroud will make it as he seems to be a good guy. (I realize this is based on nothing but "feel".

    • It is of extreme importance that he regains full fitness. Wenger has insisted that he won't be rushed. And as matters stand we don't have the need to. The team is gelling well, only Giroud needs to find the net and then things really kick on. My bet would be he scores against Montpelier. The guy is good and one can expect 15+ goals in the league from him.

    • I like the depth we might have when Wilshire and Rosicky are back and I also agree we should not run our best team into the ground by Christmas but instead rotate. I doubt however that Wilshire will be part of our best team for a while. He has had a long absence and doesn't have a lot of experience to fall back on during his first games back. I see him play CC and FAC and lots of sub appearances till at least January.

    • Wilshere can come into the team at the expense of Theo/Ox/Gervinho. With Cazorla moving to the wings. That seems preposterous seeing how well he has done in the middle. But he was a prolific winger all his life and Wilshere when fit can fill into the hole behind the striker.

      People see Wilshere as a box to box or a CM or even in a DM role. But he has a mean left foot and he is as accomplished a passer as any in the team. With the Poldi-Giroud-Cazorla attacking trident and Wilshere right behind them, we might have more bite in our attack than we do at the moment.

      This is a nice headache for Wenger to have. With Rosicky's return due around the same time as Wilshere, I believe we should be rotating our midfielders and keeping them fresh for the Christamas fixtures where fresh and fit players can make a difference between victory and defeat.

    • yes, i predict that every season. hadnt u noticed?

      this season i predict utd to win the league & chelsea not to win the CL.

      i was right 5 times out of 7 with utd. & 6 out of 7 times with chelsea.

      i dont think im been paticular unkind by saying arsenal look like the 4th best team in england.

      2 manchester teams quite far ahead. than chelsea a little bit of ahead of u.

    • What I like most, and so far this season, that we seem to have a much more balanced team. We are no longer a bunch of midgets and inexperienced kids.

      I feel bad for Giroud and hope the pressure is not getting to him.

      Most players are much better if they get a run of games. Maybe this explains why Diaby is contributing a bit more.

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      • The balance to the team is because we have someone like Arteta playing infront of the back four. He isn't as accomplished as Fabregas but he is an intelligent player and he breaks up the oppositions play with timely interceptions and his positioning in spot on most of the time, which deprives the opposition the room to manouver the ball infront of our penalty area.

        Fabregas for all his creativity did leave a gaping hole in midfield and there was no one really who sat back and did the job of shielding the defence and linking it up with the attack. Song was a supposedly DM who actually was an attacking midfielder and left the defence exposed.

        Diaby on current form makes Wenger's decision not to go for Sahin or any other DM or CM like an obvious decision. And being around 190 cms gives us presence in the middle. I just hope he stays fit and brings his best form to the big games.

        The top sides have started well, but all bar Arsenal have shown defensive fragility. We still seem to be a bit hung up on RVP, but with our attack settling down that should be over as well.

        With us facing City and Chelsea in September we will surely know where we stand. 2 points out of these fixtures will be a fair result. Anything more will be a bonus. By beginning of October we will have a clear picture of what we can expect from our team. Chelsea, City and MU are the top favourites, but we can stake our claim for the role of the dark horses in the race if we can manage to defeat City or Chelsea later this month. The objective has to be to stay within striking distance of the Top come end of the year. After that anything is possible.

    • Rooney actually scored a hat trick in his first United game!

    • You've got a great prospect in Jenkinson too, he'll score goals for you.