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    Ducati --- "AW must be getting senile"

    "We're skating on thin ice again for another year.I personally think the Kronk will ask AW to shape up or move on. I hear he's done it before, and he was there on Sunday.Wouldn't take a businessman long to figure out we were rudderless without intent or leadership. I've said this so bloody often this season, why did he give The Kid Fabregas the responsibility of organising and commanding men? He has no such leadership skills what so ever, and its there for all to see.Alongside a cronic need for a class keeper AW must be getting senile if he doesn't see that.I don't condone blaming one man for our problems, but something is seriously wrong here between AW and the team. Maybe everything isnt as rosy as it seems between them."

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    • MARINTI: .... "When I saw Diaby I know we would be in trouble he is just not quick enough in his game. He might do very well with an other team but his style just does not fit our game."

      DUCATI DORK: ... "Now your hitting the mark intini. Diaby,Arse vain,plus one or two others bought for ridiculous prices considering the return we've had from them, should have had the 'for sale'sign hung on them long ago. But once again as has been too often with AW he waits with these purchases and vainly hopes to be proven right, when any one with an ounce of football knowledge in them could tell him these players are not going to make it.Week in and week out we see evidence of AW's failure to swallow his pride and get shot of the players who do no favour to the honour of playing for Arsenal and those who in the passed made Arsenal great & almost unbeatable."