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  • The Londoners The Londoners Sep 4, 2012 14:26 Flag


    .....if Berbatov is to be believed, and I see no reason why not, then where does SAF draw the line when it comes to dealing with such players. Seems to me that he does what he likes without any thoughts about how it completely demoralises players, not to be considered of 'any use' because 'the game has changed'!!! What kind of statement is that to make to a player(of his stature) you payed astronomical money for, only to be told he is of no use. This is not the first time this man has dealt poorly with players he was responsible for bringing to the club. Players that for one reason or another(usually bullshit to the press)suddenly don't fit in with his way of doing things. Which sometimes are a little heavy handed, and downright disrespectful.. Anyway just some thoughts, about a man who is slowly going downhill IMO. If not for the purchase of a Winkle in RVP, he would be contenplating the door, especially after the Rooney affair. He will be the next one given a one way ticket ...you can be sure.

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