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  • The Londoners The Londoners Sep 6, 2012 18:04 Flag

    Oh! and another thing.....

    Re: Sagna...you have to hand it to Wenger. He certainly keeps the press on their toes. Funny thing though, despite all the negative press he has had, he's nearly always proved right. Lets take it from the top. TH. was always a certainty to go to Barca, and who among us could blame him?. Cesc Fabregas, a case can be made for. Ade Bayor, you can make your own mind up about. Personally head to far up his you know where, same goes for Nasri. Toure never knew which day it was sometimes as we;ve found out(performance enhanced). Clichy was always a bit dodgy in defence, and certainly not worth what they paid for him, and the same goes for the others like Song. So all in all, its been a smart bit of business by our Master and Commander Arsene Wenger. And there really was 'only one'........ The best quote I ever read from the press about him was " and when you're finished with him, and ready to bury him, please do him the honour of carrrying him out on his shield". Nuff said I think. And please dont try me on this I have no more time left for envious anti Arsenal and Wenger fans.