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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2012 09:33 Flag

    Cat Got Ya Tongue Airwick??? HAhhaaa

    HAhahahhaha OOh are you hurting Airwick??

    HAhahahahhaa Coward! Remember the day your real ID was exposed and in what surely ranks as one of the most cowardly acts of all time, you tried to offer up your own son as a sacrificial lamb? HAhahahaha

    "Well done.. You just 'outed' my Son' hahahahhaa

    Ahhahahahahhahahaha Fancy offering up your own son to appease the angry mob baying for your scrawny 66 year old Neck! HAhahahahaa

    Rick (not Rikk) Altree Born Twickenham 1947!

    Now runs an illegal Cat Sanctuary down under that blights the neighbourhood with Faeces and Cat's Pee!

    HAhahahahhaha Airwick Cantona my Arse! HEhehehe