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  • The Londoners The Londoners Sep 8, 2012 17:09 Flag

    Cause & Effect! Philistines.Chpt 1 Verse4

    Is there any man on these boards who will deny that the recent battering of 'The Bald One' Baptist, was not deserved? When, in the case of Wayne Rooney, the man relents and admits to having been wrong for his words and actions, against Sir Alex Ferguson and Man. Utd.in the past. Thats some admission from a man not use to doing such a thing. Yet what we have here is a case of the afore mentioned John The Baptist, having spent more than a season or two berating Arsene Wenger('Taxi for Wenger' remember), intent on seeing him humiliated and forced out of Arsenal; We have not once heard, or read, a word from him of any apology or even an admission that he 'may' have been wrong. Not happy with that alone he continues to try and humiliate others on here for their support of Arsene Wenger. Asking for the support of people like Rick The Tea Leaf(formerly of Wollongong Mental Institution). Can you then wonder why there is so much hatred and ridicule directed at this man?(and I use the word losely) There is nothing people despize more than a man who hasnt the courage to say sorry,but I was wrong! Wayne Rooney has......and for that, I hope The Baptist remains permanently Bald(and ignored)...unlike Rooney who had the sense to do something about it...

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