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  • Raider Raider Sep 13, 2012 12:50 Flag

    Theo to Juve

    Well the rumours are flying and so could be Theo, and not down the wings at the Emirates.

    Is it time to part ways or should we pay him what he wants to keep him, and is he worth 100k a week?

    We have had some great players over the last 7 years who didn't win a thing but still wanted pay rises. In most jobs pay rises tend to be performance related and the better you do the bigger the chance of a better deal.

    The question is, does Theo deserve a better deal OR could the club sell him and use that money to improve the team.

    We have all moaned about his inconsistancy or being sidelined through injury but all agree that when he plays well he is a huge asset to the team.

    Come January should we say goodbye or say, here we go son, have a huge pay rise for warming the bench or in most cases lying on it and we will guaruntee to pay you 100k a week even if you don't perform well on a regular basis.

    When you look at Cazorla's deal and compare him to Theo, I know where I would rather spend my money and there are more Cazorla's out there.

    For many it will be about Arsenal being a selling club, but that only applies when players you don't want to leave just bugger off.

    We wanted to keep RVP but it was obvious that Arsen wasn't bothered about Song as he felt Diaby and Arteta could cover, which so far has been proven so.

    Theo would be just like Song, and Arsenal has enough cover for him with the Ox coming through, so although Arsenal will be bombardid with taunts of being a selling club it will be that 2 out of the three was because it suited us and not the player!

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