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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Sep 14, 2012 10:28 Flag

    FFP rules and the price of players...

    Unlike Wenger I am not an economist. However, I was just wondering if the sugar daddy clubs turn in losses of 100 million plus each over the next year and receive a letter from Platinii and co requesting them to stop splashing the cash. What happens to the price of quality players? Could it just be that those clubs which prudently built up a cash mountain, and actually made profits, find themselves able to pick and choose players come 2013/14? Without the competition of City, Chelsea, PSG etc

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    • So you think this is Wenger's cunning plan? So if Arsenal save up £100m then splash it, wouldn't they be in the same position as the clubs you mention?

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      • No they wouldn't be in the same position simply because they SAVED the money form sales NOT had it GIVEN to them ! How stupid are some people if they don't earn it they shouldn't have it to spend ! Man city and Chelsea would be no where without the multi millionaire owners, just like a few years ago they would be scrambling around in mid table doing nothing to impress any real football supporters. Neither a club has a history of doing anything good in football until the mega money came in.....

      • Oh simple Eric. My thought is that mega rich clubs inflate the price of quality players. Agreed. This along with mega wages quickly means FFP rules are broken. Agreed. Therefore, they have to apply the brakes. Agreed. As a result, those clubs with money in the bank and which have posted profits are left in a advantageous position, a feeling, which is a new to Gooners.

        Ofcourse, there will be plenty of wriggle room. But it will put a massive brake on certain clubs. Not Utd or Arsenal because we are generally in profit. So I think Chelsea and City will find that Platini soon let's them know they are pretty much spent up for the first three years cycle.

        That's my opinion, I may well turn out to be wrong. As you know it wouldn't be the first time.