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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 15, 2012 17:02 Flag

    Hell hath no fury ....

    ..... like an old Queen scorned!

    After Butch kicked Martletts the fuck off the Chelsea board, along with all his made up 'friends', like Bert the Poof, and Tony the racist, he tried to worm his way into here by claiming he wasn't a spammer, and that John would vouch for him.

    John showed him just what he, and everyone thought of him, and made it clear Martletts was nobody's friend, let alone his.

    So now Martletts is having fits, trying his hardest to annoy people, when all he's doing is making a cunt of himself, nothing new there, and giving us all a good laugh at his dilemma!

    As usual, he has no backing, except from the two laughing stocks, so has to revert to make-believe 'friends'.

    Pull your skirt down Martletts, your slip is showing!